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Need an elegant comment system for your Joomla site?
Komento has all that and even better!

Designed for Simplicity

The user interface in Komento was designed to provide the best commenting experience you can ever imagine.
User Ranks
Built-in user ranking bar that appears along with their profile pictures
Komento User Ranking
Text Avatars
Komento also includes a built-in text based avatar along with the other integrated avatars
Komento Text based avatars
Light Mode
Beautiful comments layout that will blend into your site out of the box
Komento frontend new comment interface
Dark Mode
With the dark mode option, Komento will be able to blend into dark templates easily
Komento frontend dark mode
Comment Previews
Comments can also be previewed on the listing or the blog layout for your articles
Komento frontend comment previews
User Dashboard
Users can also manage and view all their posted comments from their dashboard
Komento frontend dashboard


The appearance of Komento has been tailored to suit most use-cases for commenting on sites including an elegant comment listings
Accent Colors
Switch between 5 different accent colors to best suit the site
Komento administration accent colors
Comments Placement
Place comments inline or have it appear on the side of the screen
Komento administration comments placements
Instant Comments
Instantly load the entire comments listing with the form anywhere on the site
Komento administration instant comments
Comment Threads
With the nested option in Komento, users can also reply to existing comments easily
Komento nested comments


The glorified built-in editor in Komento provides the best commenting experience for Joomla!
Komento also allow users to provide ratings along with their comments
Komento frontend rating
Likes & Dislikes
Allow visitors to like or dislike comments posted on the site
Komento frontend like and dislike
With GIPHY, users can quickly post an interactive GIF along with their comment
Komento frontend giphy
Users can also attach files when posting a comment
Komento frontend attachments
With mentions, users can mention other users on the site and they will be notified too
Komento frontend mentions
Emoji Picker 😀
Intuitive emoji picker to allow users to quickly pick their favorite emoji
Komento frontend emoji
Spam Flagging
Easily flag comments as spam and submit them via Akismet
Komento frontend mark spam
Location Sharing 📍
With geolocation, users can share their location using Google Maps or OpenStreetMap
Komento frontend mark spam
Spoiler Tags
Use spoiler tags with the built-in editor to hide contents
Komento frontend mark spam


Live Notifications

Associate posts with different languages on the site.
It works hand-in-hand with the Language Switcher from Joomla!
Komento Live Notifications

Mobile Ready

The comments layout in Komento is ready for mobile and tablet devices out of the box
Komento Responsive Layout

RSS Feeds

With RSS Feeds, users can subscribe to the feed using their favorite RSS clients
Komento RSS Feed

E-mail Digest

With the e-mail digest functionality, user will no longer be notified each time there is a new notification
Komento Emails Digest

The best commenting experience with Komento

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