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Equipped with tools to ease your day-to-day administration and management task


Komento includes a suite of management tools available to help with manging comments on the site
Easily moderate comments from the back-end or the front-end
Komento Comment Moderation
Custom CSS
Adding your very own custom css codes without needing to modify any files
Komento administration custom css
Enable additional filters to prevent users from flooding or spoofing the site
Komento administration antispam
E-mail Notifications
Includes built-in e-mail notifications and a wide variety of different notification settings
Komento administration email notification
Reporting/ Spam Filter
Easily manage spams from the site with the built-in spams listing at the back-end
Komento administration spam

Built-in ACL

Komento also includes a highly configurable built-in access control to allow you to have greater control over user permissions
Komento Joomla 4 Support

Anti-Spam  🥷

Includes built-in anti-spam techniques as well as integration with other anti-spam services that helps reduce spams
Google Recaptcha
Integrates with Google Recaptcha and Invisible Recaptcha out of the box
Komento Recaptcha Integrations
Integrates with Akismet anti-spam service to train spam filters
Komento Akismet Integrations
Integrates with Cleantalk anti-spam service that allows Komento to check against their spam database
Komento administration comment previews
Honeypot Trap
Built-in honeypot anti-spam technique to prevent bots from automatically submitting spams
Komento administration instant comments
hCaptcha provides more reliable bot detection while being simple for humans to solve
Komento administration profile picture integrations


Single-Click Updater

With the built-in single click updater, updating Komento is as easy as clicking on a button on your Joomla! site.
Komento Single Click Updater

The best commenting experience with Komento

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Built-in subscription system in Komento to allow users to be notified whenever there are new updates on the site
Komento Subscriptions


Migrate comments from JComments, K2, RSComments, Zoo and a custom script that migrates from almost any database tables
Komento Migrators

Joomla 4 Support

Works out of the box with both Joomla 4.x and Joomla 3.x.
It just works without a fuss
Komento Joomla 4 Support
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