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Inmotion Hosting We recommend Inmotion Hosting.

Joomla Hosting with free SSDs!

Special deal for Stack Ideas customers. Enjoy great savings when you sign up with Inmotion Hosting, our hosting partner.

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Joomla Hosting Pros!

InMotion Hosting can make hosting your Joomla sites seamless with Enhanced Hosting Security features and a robust Support Infrastructre. They offer business class-hardware, enhanced security with suPHP and a Support Center available to you 24/7/365.

Plus, they have a ton of content on everything Joomla in their online Support Center. Moreover, InMotion Hosting now also features auto installation of your favorite CMS!

Fast Hardware & Max Speed Zones ™

Our Joomla Hosting servers use super-fast SSDs (in RAID-6 for redundancy). Fast disk access (I/O) is critical to keeping your Joomla site fast since it accesses design template and page content from the database with every web page load.

By not overloading our servers with customers, we ensure that the server resources are there when you need them. Need more configuration options? Our dedicated servers allow for maximum customization of both your hardware and software to support the most high-traffic and resource intensive Joomla sites.

Free SSL Certificate!

InMotion Hosting proudly announces the introduction of FREE private SSLs on all Shared Business Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Server plans.

Inmotion security

Enhanced Hosting Security

InMotion Hosting enhances the security of your Joomla website by using suPHP to carry out all your PHP applications. Their systems and application software are updated continuously, allowing you to stay current with the latest security improvements and patches. Additionally, they have implemented some of the most secure firewall and network monitoring systems available to Joomla users.

Joomla Hosting Support

InMotion’s Premier Support™ team is the company’s priority and will always be available to you when you need them. During installation and configuration, InMotion Hosting is available to you 24/7/365 via phone, live chat and email. Their online Support Center includes education channels, advanced tutorials, and a ton of content specifically about Joomla hosting, recommendations and troubleshooting solutions.

Special deal for Stack Ideas Customers
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