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Feedback for switching from voices to forums

Stack Ideas Team Retreat , temporary delay on our support forums ...

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Support & Services will be limited to your supported domain only

PayPlans and point value in EasySocial

Easyblog question

Paid for EasyDiscuss but EasyBlog was renewed instead!

Price for Easyarticle

Komento Easyblog

Custom profile fields?

Existing users are not able to create new groups (or pages?)

Bug/issue with EasySocial content plugin

My events menu (current logged in user events)

Group Discussion App Replies

Showing 6 of 14083 posts

URL issues

No SEO Tab

logo and text in mail

Posts view in a category

URL's Are All Over The Place

Number of Articles Per Page

Showing 6 of 13565 posts

Awesome feature, add replies number in meta titles (

ED Custom Field

Hide post date in Most Voted module

EasyDiscuss - Categories module looks

Add "featured" in backend filters for posts

Showing 6 of 4181 posts

E-Mail Notification did not work "Status pending"

Liking discusson comments can create duplicate counts and avatar ...

Komento and DOCman integration issue

Bug on Komento.

Profile Avatar

Komento not displaying in Spanish

Showing 6 of 1694 posts

Club Bundle and Wanderer Installation Purchase

Error ! while processing task : download

Regarding Payplans Configuration

PayPlans 500 Internal Server Error going on APPS Tab

Renew not showing for users

Duplicate K2 apps article managment for joomla articles

Showing 6 of 55 posts

Use MetaMan on pages with custom article/category layouts

icon under descktop

Metaman throws DFIShield Security error with Admin Tools

Latest Version 1.0.9 Breaks the Menu Template Style Assignment

Ability to Enter a Default Facebook Profile/Application ID

Metainformation not saved

First name only required for new registrations?!

ConverseKit Version 1.0.8 Words Error

ConverseKit Display User Email Adress Instead Of RealName

ConverseKit Display Email Adress Instead Of RealName

ConverseKit Questions

EasyDiscuss No discussions/cats Showing On Front

Showing 6 of 225 posts

Will Joomla 3.8 enable our ED to no longer need ID numbers in the...

Easyblog on facebook/twitter

Photo description

Video on module latest blog

Change the 2nd domain name to

Category Blog Layout doesnt work in Echo

Echo template Right position not working.

Temporarily domain change

Thumbnail dimensions with Echo template

Bad display Group Blog App with Echo

Hover Boxes in Notification

Guru LMS update changed Menu item colors on Wanderers template

Hide footers on wanderers template

Padding on lateral margins on mobile view

How to know when there is a template update?

Compatibility and overrides.

Change Navbar size

sidebar background color

Need to reduce the size of Elegant Module Title width

My wish list for features in a StackIdeas template

Main menu is not displaying at top of the page

elegant navbar-fixed-top

Joomla 3.8 : should we update or wait ?

[Group Buy] Steam app like PSN app


Interesting news about JoomlArt acquiring JomSocial and iJoomla

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