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Forums Updated

Feedback for switching from voices to forums

Forums updated

Fixes for all our products version not reflecting at backend

Announcement for all translators

Purchasing Modules

Project - is it possible with easysocial

I renew some of the component but has not reflected on my account

URGENT - need to change support domain on new licence

Purchased Club Bundle not in Dashboard

Videos Groups/Pages are not displayed in main Videos section

background image that does not show up on mobiles.

Easysocial Mobile Web Template

Facebook login...do I actually NEED httpS?

Hikashop App

Array Error Message Display On User Profile Page

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How can I change the url for a users blogger page?

Duplicated In-Post Picture On Listing Page And It's Ugly - Trunca...

HTML not being full stripped in titles img alt="My title" src="/ht...

Removing not used items from Profile on Blog posts

New tags created inside a blog post will not save

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Language issue Discuss plugin signature

Update fails

Topic Owner not notified on first reply

Everything becoming unresponsive in easydiscuss

EasyDiscuss Performance - issues and suggestions

Discuss welcome module missing links

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Upgrade Komento page blank

Disable notification to those who leave a comment

Error in Komento (updated version)

Komento error when calling Jerror::raiseError

Change email notifications

Do not get email notifications of new comments

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Metaman layout z-index

Save button

Metas not saved on EasyDiscuss page

Facebook meta working only with Safari

Changes not saved

Update: :Extension: Could not parse https://info.stackideas.com/j...

Email Notifications

Language File

Bug - Gist BBCodedescription translation string missing

Changes after Update

Installation stucks at 10%

Avatar Catagories Icons are missing after Update

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Facebook Autoposting Error 400

Cover image of article is cut

problem with Google places in easysocial

I don't know what is my version?

Quickchange for categories

Language file

Echo template: tasks - css z-index issue

Echo and esMobile template issue - registration css

Bugs in Echo Template, EasyBlog or Both?

Echo demo inbuilt styling and search functions?

Bug In CSS of Main Nav Breaks Menu Modules in Position-7

How to know when there is a template update?

Compatibility and overrides.

Change Navbar size

Customizing Wanderers Template

Wanderers theme as part of Social Bundle

Invalid HTML in com_content override

Changing background color of Elegant template

Wrong position

Position under the menu

User Profile and search box in the top-right

Change the main color in the text in Elegant.

Change the text format in the header (The name of the page)

Joomla Subscription extension

Group 'buying' or 'pushing' new things in ES

Better URLS for EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss in EasySocial Groups

Automatic rules for ES/ED/EB

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