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It is currently our zen mode where we get some rest so that we can come back to work feeling refreshed the next day and assist you with your issues.

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Announcement for all translators

Issues with signing in with Facebook on our site

Internet connectivity issues!

Limited support from Jan 30th - February 3rd

Vote for StackIdeas in MWA2015

Integration between Group and Event

Cant access all Forum Replies

Expiration of Easysocial

Unlimited Installations ?

social sharing posts

Renewed but not showed as renewed

profile pages on easydiscuss

Docker App

JS-Controllers overriding?

Group layout files location

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Barra de herramientas

Issue with categories

EasyBlog - FaLang Translation Compatibility

Blog Images

Tags for menu "All tags" are not language aware

Integration easyblog into easysocial doesn't work

Category View Menu Item > Menu Alias

Front end easyblog editor fails to load.

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Move / Disable Comment Section

preview picture for links

Difficulties to migrate Jcomment comments.

Styling & Location for 'Hits' and 'Comments'

Komento Adds Number to URL

Password Field Type for Apps

Komento Comments module show rating

EasySocial 2.0 RC1 Failure

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Facebook meta working only with Safari

Changes not saved

Meta Man Changes saved but not saved

Small bug/typo: Facebook profile ID


WARN: Not whitelisted

Change Navbar size

Customizing Wanderers Template

Wanderers theme as part of Social Bundle

Invalid HTML in com_content override


Bug in error.php?

Support for wanderers template

Divider Bar & Button Colour

Remove Side bar for One Page & all subpages?

Elegant questions

Copy Template

Logo or webfont

Change Logo url link

easy social install

comments on teamblogs

Komento - time in backend

When is Easysocial due

Facebook Autoposting issues

Discuss admin error msg

Firefox image upload

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