NEW EasySocial 4.0 RC1 Released! Massive Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes 🚀 🧨


EasySocial 4.0.0 RC

Fatal errors in EasyDiscuss after updating Yootheme

Fatal errors in EasyBlog after updating Yootheme


Changes in Amazon S3 certificates

Improving the UX of the feature request section

Can’t add public VK.COM videos

Pages Market place creates and error page

Duplicate of pages ?from=user, ?from=listing

Public VK.COM video is not available on the ES

Tags for groups and pages

Info prior a possible feature request

Rule Behaviour - Commission

can't seem to affect profile sidebar

There is no delete user menu or delete options anywhere?

Marketplace photo uploads replace old photos

Advertisement. Real money or UserPoints? Forbidden URL

Change Editor in single post

Does easysocial 4.0 work with the native app?

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