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Account activation don't work

Federica Gorni · ·
5:47 PM Tuesday, 22 November 2022
I'm writing because an user report me a problem with account activation email.
The page response is an error 403

This is the url in the email:


I check in database and "4565c8475ba96207bdfbe1329d6c8dcf" token it's correct but user status (in joomla) don't change after click on url verification and page status is 403.

To verify the functioning of Joomla I temporarily activated user registration (of Joomla) and created a new user from the frontend. I received the email with the link and clicking on it was successful.

I tried to purchase a product on PayPlan by creating a new user (username: testing.marco) I received the link to activate the account https://[mydomain].com/index.php?option=com_users&task=registration.activate&token=2cc173baee59071d546568ab6c790f1f&Itemid=707 and gives error 403.

I conclude that the creation of users in PayPlan is not working.
Can you check please?
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