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EasyBlog 6.0 Beta 2

Fatal errors in EasyDiscuss after updating Yootheme

Fatal errors in EasyBlog after updating Yootheme


Showing comments from the last 6 days only

Update to version 2 removed the profile menu on mobile

ES Sharing/reposting posts

Problem with setting discounts

Install Cronjob

Can't retrieve list of language

HTTP Error

Sign in with Google error

Can't install language

the chat button

User canโ€™t earn points

No invitation is sent for event

Joomla 4 Templates w/ Easy Discuss

Task - Responsibility of - cannot add more than 1 user

Update Failure

Joomla! 4 Ready?

Load previous stream items for Guest

Pixel Template - Hide in mobile and tablet

How to enlarge the global font to 15

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