Extension Updates! 🔒SCA will be rolling out on September 14th, 2019. Update to PayPlans 4.0.14 now 🔥


Wrong link for login - ContentACL App

Cookie usage - ContentACL APP

Extend subscription as discount

Upgrade on expired plan

Archive does not exist during PayPlans 3.5.3 -> 3.5.5 Upgrade

Need assistance to upgrade Payplans

couldn't complete the installation....

Update Error - Easy Blog

Failed update to 4.06

error after upgrade to payplans 4.x

GoCardless Integration with PayPlans

Pre-sale question: SCA support

PayPal not working return

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)


unable to cancel subscription via admin for Stripe and Paypal

Vote : Publish / Unpublish ES Pages-Groups upon plan state

PayPlan Donation Module Error

Upgrade expired plan

Checkout and login functionality

Missing ACL for Plans - should be standard in Plan Edition

Plans/groups translations

All available plans are listed under Dashboard - Plans

Enhancement on simplified checkout process page

Logo on invoice screen is fragmented

VAT not showing correctly on checkout

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