AltaUserPoints (AUP) App Rule Not Present/Not Working

upgrade to Payplans 4.0

Link to create a new account does not work.

Translations for Order Confirmation in Payplans

New automation cancel option in PayPlans 4

Simple Payplan 4 setup

Blank page when upgrading to 4.0

PayPlans 3.7.1 Needed to Upgrade to 4.0

Updating from 3.6.0 to current -- update documentation?


VAT is calculated two times

Stripe popup checkout seems not to send any data to stripe

How to track the "thank you page"

Error Occured In PayPal Payment Procssor

Dual Currency & Pricing : Local & International

Adding new features! Create Comparison and Pricing Tables

PayPlan Donation Module Error

Multi-Currency Capability

Can u some how make different prices dependent on the country sel...

Integrate EasyBlog with New Google AdSense Native Ads

ID and statement verification process

Logo on invoice screen is fragmented

Enhancement on simplified checkout process page

All available plans are listed under Dashboard - Plans

VAT not showing correctly on checkout

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