PayPlans 3.7 Released

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array

FaLang translation does not work for app

Discount box on sign-up not working

k2 user app not correctly working

How works free trial recurring plans?

2 transactions but only one invoice

Cron has not been running for a span of time


cant install payplan

Where is the installer?

Getting Error while updating with Payplans 3.5.5

FastSpring Application for Pay Plans 3.7?

Stripe Recurring

Questions regarding "Save Card for Future"

QuickPay payment gateway fails to register payment for recurring ...

Stop subscription for renewals (NETS)

Bitchute as video format

Ads in Stackideas products

User Wallet


Multi-Currency Capability

Analytics integration in Easysocial

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