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Easy social registration

Tax Id Token ?

Assign EasySocal Group based on Payplans Subscription

Help with plan setup

Transifex for PayPlans

Subscription custom details

PayPlans adding new 'Not_Registered' user

Warning when make fresh installation

PayPlan system plugin conflict with Kunena menu

Installation freezes, Get's stuck in the process

Archive does not exist during PayPlans 3.5.3 -> 3.5.5 Upgrade

Need assistance to upgrade Payplans

Albanians and payplans

GoCardless Integration with PayPlans

Pre-sale question: SCA support

PayPal not working return

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)


Proforma învoire First

Datatrans (Twint) Support

Aweber Integration

Please implement a function to fix the service country

Front-End Text on Offline Payment Method

Beta2 - Error when trying to download invoice

Plural needed on front-end no plans screen

No Group Display

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