Comments not showing on front end

Average rating counts only last comment

Likes strange numbers, reply shown after reload

Disable Komento for specific article

No quick login form

Bullets/List Feature in Comments

Download Update to 3.1.1 before updating to 3.1.2

Also after cache cleaned I can not publish

error after installing komento

Will installing manually delete existing comments?

Upgrade from 3.0.12 to 3.1.1 caused a 404

How Do I Remove The "PERMALINK" Button On Comments?

Hide Comments Counter

Total number of comments showed is wrong

Ratings number is calculated based on user IPs?

Email Notification

Likes not showing proper name

Admin Dashboard: Links to hikashop product page are wrong

Specific Label

Custom Fields

Add the possibility to post just ratings without comments.

Disable rating for replies

"term and conditions" field: make it html friendly

adding custom smileys

How to set up Recaptcha for Komento?

Editing emots code in Komento and Conversekit

Integrate Komento into RSFeedback - Tutorial

Password Field Type for Apps

Error in Komento (updated version)

Component Easy Profile

System captcha


Load more... Bug

Wgere to put API key?

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