EasySocial 3.1 Stable Released

'read more' in comments

Comment insert box relocation

text size in comments

Include/exclude pages on basis of logged in user

Recaptcha on guest users

backend: make a comment an answer?

language string missing?

Language Packs

komento look and feel

Komento does not work on my site

Komento customizastion

avatar in 'latest comments' module

Form not sending

fresh installation: internal server error

"My comments" page: Comments pagination not working

Komento module with My map location won't show any comments

Remove jQuery from Komento

New feature request: having the text of the privacy terms display...

Notifications for the author of the comment liked and commented

Users receive a notification ONLY when someone reply to their com...

Custom BB-elements

more harmonisation between components

How to set up Recaptcha for Komento?

Editing emots code in Komento and Conversekit

Integrate Komento into RSFeedback - Tutorial

Password Field Type for Apps

Error in Komento (updated version)

Component Easy Profile

System captcha


Load more... Bug

Wgere to put API key?

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