UPDATES EasySocial Native App v2.2 Released! More goodies and refinements!


PayPlans 4.2.0 RC


Accept As Answer

Komento integration with EasyDiscuss

No Stream item with a reaction on a photo

Insert video in the editor TinyMCE

Install EasyDiscuss

Meta Issue - Can't change "description" meta

Stream Advertisements: extend backend list with click stats!

embed easysocial videos in easyblog posts

publish up & publish down table

How does BLACK LIST (blocked users) works for Admins?

Smart Search result: Wrong content type sorting

Location of category icons

Bill to ... missing details fileds in ADDRESS

FYI - Joomla 4 beta released!

Disabling author name

Inform User Why a Post Was Rejected

Polls and Voting

Quotes doesn't display original poster!

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