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EasySocial 3.0.0 RC1

PayPlans 4.0 RC 2


ES Advanced Search - Remove Criteria

Installing Jomsocial group plugin

Domain change, account issues

events - calendar error

events - options "today" and "tomorrow"

Recatcha error message although I have entered site key and secre...

Tweeter button

Features in Easysocial that can be integrated to Payplans

submit the post for review

window places

the post cover window

automatically created article when a page is viewed

easyblog_blogger_subscription' doesn't exist

old templates

Edit offline payment options.

ES cant filter latest replies

Member ask to join Private Group but cant see how to approve or i...

Order statuses / Invoices and Refunds

Allow filtering/ordering Groups on 'CreatedBy' in Admin Area.

Conversation with Basic Member Issue

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