Extension Updates! EasyBlog 5.3 Released! Tons of new exciting features and improvements... 🌐 ❤️ 🎉


EasyDiscuss 4.1.8 and quick fix for anonymous posting setting is ...


SuperUser can't see photos in album (if album visible "Only ...

No browser Title for Albums & Members sorting pages

Site URL: remove "cummunity"

word publishing error

Setting up basic commenting

Easysocial : the "Sharing" button does not always work

Strange meta name in the home page generated from Easyblog or Eas...

Language File Location for Sharing

Disabling "friend" feature of EasySocial?

ED post types use cases

Filter the discussion listing based on post type

Showcase not working after update

Error - Creating discussion anonymous

EasyDiscuss - Images not displayed in Emails

EB 5.3.1 User Editor

Easysocial : bad page of a feed element

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