UPDATES PayPlans 4.2.10 Released


EasyBlog 6.0 Beta 2

Fatal errors in EasyDiscuss after updating Yootheme

Fatal errors in EasyBlog after updating Yootheme


How about a LMS by Stackideas

EasySocial App | Do These Guru Apps work with iGuru

User can’t earn points

Can't install language

Wrong order comments

User can't cancel video uploading

Install Cronjob

Custom Fields Ordering

Identified bug in renewal

Custom Social Icons using Charm template

Restrict/hide users/groups/pages based on profile

easysocial mobile package won't uninstall

Group URL doesn't support Khmer Unicode

EB Beta2 Link in new window not possible

Can't open the group on the activities

Points System Capability

Problem with setting discounts

Showing comments from the last 6 days only

ES Sharing/reposting posts

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