SECURITY UPDATE EasyDiscuss 4.1.16 Released. Important security update and minor bug fixes 🔑


FYI - Joomla 4 beta released!

Member who posted the forum individual question allowed to "...

Change who can accept answer

DOFOLLOW links for author links

Set a custom blog Cover in ES Stream if no cover is uploaded.

EASYSOCIAL (FEATURE): Google register/login

For Mark about a better use of ES points payment in payplans

[[INVOICE_SUBTOTAL]] wrong calculated in case of upgrade plan

Video page: add NEXT and PREV. buttons

Upgrade popup style change

Option to show prices incl/excl VAT

Dj-Classifieds app integration

PayPlans Export feature next level

How do I activate positions in Easy Social?

Stripe Card holder name

Want to join Translation team

Update and upgrade buttons

EB and ES nativ comments function with drag&drop feature for ...

ES Outdated App Filter Not Showing Outdated Apps

Facebook page permissions

Support is

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