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EasyDiscuss Feedback Needed

PayPlans 4.2.0 RC


User blog app - file location for modifications

website and email fields missing in comment form

Using comment permalink() method in latest comment module

Performance tips disable some Joomla core - plg fine tuning

Easydiscuss doesn't have copy feature for creating new categories

EasyDiscuss | Image Optimization Service

More colors for Roles on the site

Tips of design, structure etc

Allow edit own comments

Quotes doesn't display original poster!

Inform User Why a Post Was Rejected

Inability for user to react t blog

FYI - Joomla 4 beta released!

EB and ES nativ comments function with drag&drop feature for ...

No Stream item with a reaction on a photo

Smart Search result: Wrong content type sorting

Video chat - opinions?

Repetitive Errors on Subscription Renewal Card Reject - Stripe

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