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EasySocial 3.2.0 RC 1


Open Street Map with all pages

Authenticate and login via phone number

Migrate from Kunena - will Kunena still work?

Komento disappear in virtuemart

Odd category routing in EasyDiscuss

is it possible to add recaptcha to the EasyBlog - Subscribe Modul...

HTTP ERROR 500 when search some words

Feature request...Who knows...maybe a yes !

Need to know how to set $data['image'] when creating post

Easysocial : Is it possible to create a filter and set it by defa...

Archive module years position change

Field in popup window when ban user

Pending Users: Wrong time for "Registration Date"

Notification when users vote poll: wrong user’s order

Link to field not clickable I’d paste it in field

Why no categories in Album ?

Counting countries

EasyBlog Related posts behavior options

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