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PayPlans 4.2.0 Beta


Privacy issue with emails published in Digest?

Error updating component when using the API from Joomla. Please t...

Online Status is wrong on Badge Achiever View

More colors for Roles on the site

Order Groups

Bug with Roles - Only 1 displays

ES Main Menu Wrong Link For Unlogged User

Understanding "Site Wide Subscription"

EasyDiscuss | Social Media Default Image Re-Posting

PayPlans - Adding Text to Order - Custom Details

Is it "Video Hashtag" modules?

PayPlans - App for EasyDiscuss Access?

Odd Message on Category Subscription

Add default sorting on group list page

Can Easyblog posts be used as articles?

Add user points when user comment Poll

Mobile display "0 reactions" if user-reactor was banned

AMP and search console errors

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