RELEASE EasySocial 4.0.1 Released! User action logs and more! 🚀 🚀 🥳


Add fields to profile sidebar

Can't select text in EasySocial area

Auto-accept friend request

GIF popup opens on top of page

Edit stream item: No BACKGROUND text for button

Video page: Reply to comment doesn't work

Should we upgrade to EasySocial 4.0.1

How to connect the public mobile app to the ES service of our web...

ES, EB, ED, Kommento Joomla 4 ready? beta2 2020 July now

Slow Download of Full Package

Can't update to ES 3.2.7: Class 'EasySocial' not found

Your last update Easydiscuss app 2.1.13 (user) makes some trouble...

Events "about"-page does not open

Groups Default Sorting Options in Listing

MarketPlace Categories

Activity Stream Auto-loading Mechanism and EsMobile

ES4 layout shifting in workflow using tabs

Post Story In Dashboard

Leave a group

Replace Email Title in Announcement Notification

Group automatically approved

Posting videos in a Group - best practice?

SMS Notifications Possible

Remove points from user profile

May 5th, you must let us know why your app requires broad storage...

External Videos

Video SubApp for Users

Hashtag Support

Share To

Unpublishing marketplace items doesn't seem to work

MarketPlace categorie url

Marketplace "Message Seller" gives no error when clicke...

EasySocial 4

Searchable Custom field

Dark Mode / Light Mode

Daily Points Limits

Tags for groups and pages

Photo and Album approval

Integration possibility?

Users get all Badges and become boring (need more Achievements)

Dating site question

Greeting message (welcome user name)

Comment display

Translation - Ro

better use of the potential in system messages

ES avartazie mobile apps integration?

position between activity stream

Best joomla caching parameters for a community website

Mass unpublish Stream items with SQL (and speed up website)

Example of new successful social app Clubhouse

Thanks you for going the extra mile

InviteX + S3

Best Support I ever seen ... from a French fan!

Most responsive customer service I can say I've ever received!

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