User confirmation for registration

EasySocial Mobile App

Sidebar Dashboard Hidden

ES Stream Module does not filter by category group

ES, EB, ED all contents only for members visible?

Antispam by cleantalk

Modules disappear after update

EasySocial 2.2.2 hangs during installation

EasySocial 2.2.2 hangs initializing the site files

Update Stuck at: Initializing Admin Files

ES Install Stuck at 15%


Emojii from mobile devices shows as ?

Social Integrations not displaying Linked Accounts

FB App & FB login on mobile devices

Social Share Image not correct

How realvent is "Supported Top Level Domains" now?

Privacy Dropdown Boxes not opening

Last bug for Categories in EasySocial 2.1 RC2

Remove easysocial background image on the welcome or login module...

Workflows page does not function

Cannot Edit Rich Posts - Error

RC2 - Backend Dashboard scroll down error

About event group

Story panel

Stop Guests to the site creating groups?

EasySocial Groups MySQL 1064 Error

Posted a status update in a group - How to delete or edit?

Group App Layout

Tags as new field type


Disable Statut in Story of Group/Page/Event

Wish update: ES - Hashtag Module

Top Trending #Hashtags + #Hashtags improvement

Redirection url after validation email

Invite friends (Groups and Pages)

Stream post header example

Listing Groups/Pages/Events : Sort by Popularity by default

When user session expired redirect

Custom Toolbar Links

Where and how a user can delete his or her Easysocial profile on ...

Mobile phone number verification in Easysocial (Available?)


need tips and..

Search for a search field inside a Page Category

Automatic logins now have the option to redirect users back to t...

Thanks you for going the extra mile

InviteX + S3

Best Support I ever seen ... from a French fan!

Most responsive customer service I can say I've ever received!

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