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It is currently our zen mode where we get some rest so that we can come back to work feeling refreshed the next day and assist you with your issues.

Official support hours are from 10AM — 7PM Monday to Friday (GMT +8)

Consistency on Members View Page

Profile Type Theme

Theme Options and Configuration

Category Tree for Events?

Why I cant edit the main post. you can edit a comment but not the...

URL Shortner App on ES 2.0.10

Lots of english in the french version of ES 2.0

Help with latest update

Installation problem

Lastest Update take more than an hour

Mobile template causes Error T3 Framework is not enabled

Integration with Facebook

Additional validation for username field

Keep Distinct Template for Mobile

Search and click on profile redirects to main page

Invite Friends Textarea not Working

ES - Recaptcha visible in backend

Top Menu UI

Event creation permission and files notifications.

Events and groups code

Owner group delete or unpublish group

Groups - Changing the Default sort order to Alphabetical

Group Feed

Events groups and announcements groups for easysocial

Top Menu as Joomla Module Position and menu items

Emoticon List in Conversation

EasySocial mobile app ?

E-commerce EasySocial integration with HikaShop/MultiVendor

URL for Group, User, Event

Guru LMS extension soon compatible with easysocial!

Execute badge achievement rule

Edit Title in the list of conversations

Rearrange Order of Modules and Assign to Positions

PHP to display group avatar if I know the group ID

ES API, retreive one specific Stream item

altauserpoints integration?

Cannot create Hashtag unless done through editor

Duplicate Profiles Types

How to load autocomplete correct name

Enable/Disable the Pages function

"Remember me" Checked

Easysocial and HikaShop

I would like to give a praise to this support

Many thanks for EasySocial 2 - it is great!

EasySocial team is the best experience I have ever lived...

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