UPDATES EasyDiscuss 4.1.18 Released! Additional tools for antispam and other awesome refinements 🤺 🐛


2 reaction to comment from 1 user

Don't allow user paste text to email field

Twitch Integration

Album become hidden after album's creator is banned

Poll: problem with user point when deleting or commenting polls

ES, EB, ED, Kommento Joomla 4 ready? beta2 2020 July now

Slow Download of Full Package

Can't update to ES 3.2.7: Class 'EasySocial' not found

Your last update Easydiscuss app 2.1.13 (user) makes some trouble...

Update failed

EasySocial update problem

No Stream item with a reaction on a photo

ES Main Menu Wrong Link For Unlogged User

FFMpeg v3 v4 now with or without ”PHP passthru” working?

Where can I change invite friends email

Can't Log Out When Logged In Via Facebook

Posting videos in a Group - best practice?

SMS Notifications Possible

How to batch assign users to a designated group?

Secondaries Categories for Groups and Pages

Hide groups based on profile types?

Pagination link goes to wrong area...

Native app top wishes

clicking on ES links in the app

Report online users from apps

React Native App Framework

Notification Displaying System Code

IOS App build

Feature request...Who knows...maybe a yes !

Notification when users vote poll: wrong user’s order

EasySocial 3.2.0 RC 1

ES : Auto welcome private message (feature suggestion)

Assign Badge based on Profile Type

EASYSOCIAL (FEATURE): Google register/login

Sound volume in Video player [MOVED]

Tags for groups and pages

Greeting message (welcome user name)

Create new post type and allow HTML tags inside it

Comment display

Translation - Ro

Username Regex List

Extending functionality with business directory, products, review...

Dark Mode Free Module Available

Looking for someone to do custom EasySocial Native Mobile App bui...

Recommended Sitemap for Easysocial

Authorization file

Mobile app design tool

Thanks you for going the extra mile

InviteX + S3

Best Support I ever seen ... from a French fan!

Most responsive customer service I can say I've ever received!

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