EasyDiscuss 4.0.19

Some Activity Stream Items Not Showing up

Hide full names completely

Docker error message in Google chrome's Inspect tool

How Do I ?

ES2.1 profile plugins architecture

Easy Discuss App in Easy Social Groups

How fully uninstall EasySocial?


Edit Events form

customize registration

Enabling PHP Passthru

EasyDiscuss app update fail

How can I achieve this on easysocial?

landing page for forgot password and forgot login

Task Milestone Error Condition

APP_BLOG_GROUP_TITLE displayed on App menu in Group section

Can I upload attachment on easysocial comment?

labels masked under top menu

redondant menu entries

Group Moderator Only Invitation

Integrate an easydiscuss conversation in a easysocial group

Filtering menu items by EasySocial group membership

Event Type - "Open Event"

Duplicate group found in search

How can I translate group title and description into other lan...

Uploaded photo sizing

Virtuemart plugin for EasySocial

Two feature requests about easydiscuss-group app

(very) Quick registration form / method

RSS feed upgrade

Mentioning @username in easyblog and komento

Jooma core compatibility updates

plug-in like Facebook, when it opens a notification about new mes...

Not the correct conclusion in Russian

Help in setting up the EasySocial component

Update User Birthday value

Mobile phone number verification in Easysocial (Available?)

About activity Streams and API implementation tips?

Making email alert notifications work via crontab

I need menu to my site as appears in ur Demo

EasySocial mini header on JReviews favorites list

Where are Facebook and Twitter settings in the admin?

Most responsive customer service I can say I've ever received!

Simply go BIG - powered by StackIdeas

I love Stackideas

Amazing Stackideas... Testimonial From Switzerland

The best

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