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EasySocial & EasyDiscuss | User Group Permissions Connection ...

Any real time chat for EasySocial?

EasySocial | Google Signin Missing - Yes "Authentication - E...

Performance measurement - Defer Javascript.... ?

Mass unpublish Stream items with SQL (and speed up website)

Display in 3 columns Videos, Albums, Groups etc.

How to connect the public mobile app to the ES service of our web...

ES, EB, ED, Kommento Joomla 4 ready? beta2 2020 July now

Slow Download of Full Package

Can't update to ES 3.2.7: Class 'EasySocial' not found

Your last update Easydiscuss app 2.1.13 (user) makes some trouble...

Update failed

Mobile Datepicker field

Public VK.COM video is not available on the ES

How to auto-approve event changes made by event owners?

Help desk

Maximum photo upload per day

Feature Request

Post Story In Dashboard

Leave a group

Replace Email Title in Announcement Notification

Group automatically approved

Posting videos in a Group - best practice?

SMS Notifications Possible

Photo display change

Single Photo

Native app drains battery of users

Image zoom and sharpness in full screen mode

Cannot upload image when register

Swipe from left to right doesn't make user BACK

Album menu seem broken

Invalid File type when uploading file via form field

search bar indicator is very unremarkable // better UI

Google Social Login Missing from PayPlans

Duplicate profile type does not work

Tags for groups and pages

Send confirmation email to user that delete his/her account

View certain profile fields types with permission restrictions

DAILY Social Goals - Module

EasySocial Pages / Group Rules depend on Profile ACL and PayPlans

ES PayPlan only access for certain ES profile fields

Greeting message (welcome user name)

Create new post type and allow HTML tags inside it

Comment display

Translation - Ro

Username Regex List

Example of new successful social app Clubhouse

Recommended Sitemap for Easysocial

Single sign - on

Badges for Poll (Create, Comment, React)

Live Video Streaming Integration?

Performance tips disable some Joomla core - plg fine tuning

Thanks you for going the extra mile

InviteX + S3

Best Support I ever seen ... from a French fan!

Most responsive customer service I can say I've ever received!

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