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It is currently our zen mode where we get some rest so that we can come back to work feeling refreshed the next day and assist you with your issues.

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add JReviews listings to the Search module in EasySocial

Polls votes

@ usage when posting as a page

Groups vs Pages Header Info

Incorrect note link in stream

Question regarding filename display in uploaded file...

Quick Question regarding the address fields display...

errors when trying to extract the queries.zip file.

Update from backend

Installation stoped

Manual language installation

AcysSms with easysocial

error video

Users do not see stream in groups

Easysocial Users Module

Too many notifications

Unknown reason why user type is barred from login

Redirection after an event group is deleted

Discussion from Closed group appears in 'public' stream

Invite users to a Group?

Editor Not Available when Creating or Editing Group Description

Autocomplete - Groups, Pages, Events

Video Categories?

Photo/ Video Battle

Too many notifications

Ability to Edit Video Creation Date

Just An Idea... Not A Bug Report

Username Regex List

Avatar of the friend in the notification in the thread

Background image for login /registration

Execute badge achievement rule

Edit Title in the list of conversations

Rearrange Order of Modules and Assign to Positions

Removing "Details" & "Appearance" sections from the registration

Duplicate Profiles Types

Cannot create Hashtag unless done through editor

How to load autocomplete correct name

Enable/Disable the Pages function

"Remember me" Checked

I would like to give a praise to this support

Many thanks for EasySocial 2 - it is great!

EasySocial team is the best experience I have ever lived...

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