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Updates Available For Our Extensions

Updates Available For Our Extensions

As January come to a close, the team has scheduled maintenance update across EasyDiscuss, EasySocial, ConverseKit, and PayPlans.

While most of our releases address mainly on bug fixes and some refinements that are already logged into the respective changelogs. Below is just an overview of some of the changes made ?.

​EasyDiscuss 4.1.6

  • ​CleanTalk anti-spam integration ?
  • User activity history time
  • Proper pagination for comments
  • User activity history

EasySocial 3.0.2

  • ​My Created Groups filter in groups listing page
  • Updated profile statistic module
  • Photo deletion in popup mode
  • Sharer popup for mobile view

​ConverseKit 1.1.4

  • Settings to render ConverseKit only on EasySocial pages ?
  • Locations
  • User permalink
  • ConverseKit popup to appear hidden depending on certain conditions

 PayPlans 4.0.2

  • ​Template override for apps ?
  • Payment method for offline payment ?
  • JReviews app
  • SEF routing


Just in case didn't already know, there was actually a known issue with EasySocial 3.0.2's single click updater. To temporary resolve this issue, you're advised to download and install launcher or full package installer found on your dashboard. However, the team has already applied the necessary fixes into EasySoical 3.0.3. ConverseKit on the other hand, you will have download the latest plugin and then re-install at the backend as well. 

As for EasyDiscuss and PayPlans, you can go ahead and hit the single click update found at the backend or run the upgrades as usual. Should you require any help at all, feel free to get in touch ? with our support team and they will gladly guide you through. Happy updating folks! 

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