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EasySocial Mobile App Mailing List

EasySocial Mobile App Mailing List

Last December, Mark shared a sneak peek into our ? mobile app project for EasySocial. 

Like what was mentioned before, the team is currently working and experimenting on unfamiliar grounds of React. Yes, it does have a learning curve and it's something outside of the team's comfort zone - Joomla CMS.

There were even times where the team stumbled upon chuckle-worthy jargons that almost none of us has ever heard before. For instance, from Redux to even something as random as Re-ducks ?.

Part and parcel of creating a new product begins all the way from designing, coding, structuring, integrating every element within EasySocial mobile app. Many trials and errors repeatedly and but more importantly, overcoming roadblocks and see it to completion, then eventually comes down to perfecting the app along the way. 

Just in case you missed the mini preview once, this short clip shows you the behavior of the mobile app in real time. 

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