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EasySocial Mobile App Mailing List

EasySocial Mobile App Mailing List

Last December, Mark shared a sneak peek into our ? mobile app project for EasySocial. 

Like what was mentioned before, the team is currently working and experimenting on unfamiliar grounds of React. Yes, it does have a learning curve and it's something outside of the team's comfort zone - Joomla CMS.

There were even times where the team stumbled upon chuckle-worthy jargons that almost none of us has ever heard before. For instance, from Redux to even something as random as Re-ducks ?.

Part and parcel of creating a new product begins all the way from designing, coding, structuring, integrating every element within EasySocial mobile app. Many trials and errors repeatedly and but more importantly, overcoming roadblocks and see it to completion, then eventually comes down to perfecting the app along the way. 

Just in case you missed the mini preview once, this short clip shows you the behavior of the mobile app in real time. 

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Comments (64)

Absolutely fantastic. A must. I will be one of the first to request it. I consider it of vital importance to pay attention to two things:
1) Conversations with push to keep always connected to users and
2) Have a white label for the App.

100% agreed.....although I would ask for push notifications on friend requests and notifications, as well as conversations.
This is a game changer from most Social communities.

I'm in! Want to hear more about it :) !!!! With which IDE you're working?

We use a mixture of Sublime and Visual Studio :)

really glad to hear that <3

Is there also possible to join Alpha test? I'm pretty good in C# 6.0

The app is built with React and not C#. But if we have an alpha release, we will certainly include you :)

so cool! thanks

open source?

Yes, we will provide you with the source :)



Very excited I'm here for it and as I stated before I'm willing to pre-order

Thank you for your input on this Antonio :)


Great news that your group is finally moving into Apps dev.

I would be very much happy to test the alpha. Pl. put me in your list.

It would be only fair to offer discounts to testers.

I would not be interested to buy if the source code of the App is not provided.

Thank you, we cannot subscribe on behalf of your account but you may subscribe to the list using the button on the blog post.

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Great it will genuinely improve my traffic, the competition FB is very hard;) About this you have a private messenger notification system similar to messenger? on the way congratulate him for me member Peter Mckinnon almost 18,000 friends !! he is extremely well known lol;);)

Hey Arnaud,

We don't currently have a messenger app :(

Add me to alpha too, would love to check it out!

Will it include groups, events etc.? Would also be brill if it had the possibility to fully integrate with EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss (as bolt-ons maybe?) can't wait to see first version.

Congratulations - as always you continue to surprise us

Yes, it will include groups, events and pages but most of what we have right now is on prototype and we're still toying around a lot.

This is great news, consider me a customer on release. Also willing to pre-order.

Thanks for the input on this Matthew!

Hi Mark,

This is an awesome news! Can't wait for the release. Is this a native mobile app or a Joomla mobile template?



It is a native mobile app :)

That is pretty exciting! Very nice! Hey! Where you been? :D Count me in for beta testing and would like to know pricing. Mark, please consider support for customization, some of us are willing to pay for it but of course that would depend on how expensive it going to be :D

How much it will cost for iOS and Android?

We do not have the costings yet. We'll let you know more about it when the time comes

Will I be able to join the Alpha?
Also, would there be a white label option?

Yes, there will be a white label version :)

This is the big achievement and news for easysocial, I will switch from Jomsocial to Easysocial.

Thank you Ismail :)

Congratulations SI Team,
Put me up as a tester and if you have pre-ordering system i would be interested.

Thanks for your input on this Sunny :)

I have question. Will the app work like https://appcarvers.com/products/easysocial-app ?

I hope not :)

yeah man appcarvers worst thing ever

I just ordered an app build there, waiting for the completion now. What is the problem with the appcarver Apps? Thanks

I would strongly suggest that you get in touch with AppCarvers

What's the time frame for the release?

Can't wait for this app. What's the time frame for the release?

I am very interested. I already have a little programming experience and I'm thinking of adding HikaShop integration.

Just checking in on any progress...

Hi Mark

1. What's the time frame ? can you update ?
2. Can we check the alfa release ?

Thanks and BR

We do not have the timeframe for this yet but we'll be updating our blog shortly with more details soon.

Super news, always wanted to see this in a more native mobile experience. Will users be able to white label it for their brand colours and logo in the appstore - as in, will you guys provide this service at some point? Thanks

Perhaps in the future, we might provide customization works or refer you to one of our specialists :)

What is the version of EasySocial Mobile App Mailing List. Could we check more detail it by url now..?

I am not sure what do you mean here?

Could I join the Alpha please?

We do not have an Alpha release yet at this point of time but all pre-order customers will get a copy when alpha is available :)

I suppose I speak for everyone when I ask for a little news on the progress :-)

We do not have the ETA yet at this point of time and we will notify everyone when the time is right :)

Well, yes ETA would be nice, but I asked for an update, how is it going? a little news on progress would be nice :-)

We will post an update when the time is right :)

I feel like a school kid in the back of the car saying "are we there yet" hahaha! But, Are we there yet?
hahaha! Really, I can't wait! We are all excited I suppose!

Any progress to report? How are things coming along?
I mean, I know these things take time, but a little update now and again would be really appreciated.

We will announce it in the blog post or send you an e-mail when there are updates.

although I appreciate your response, I would like to know a little about the progress, I mean it has been a while.... if I am not asking too much?.... thanks

As I have mentioned in my response earlier, we will share the progress via our blog or e-mail address when the time is right.

But, I am impatient! :-) Where can I purchase a little patience? :-)

I am impatient too, but the time is not right for us to disclose anything right now :)

Can we get some sort out update???

Hello Mark,

The team is still working on the app and we will post an update for the progress of the mobile app soon

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