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Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year
Chinese New Year is around the corner. In Kuala Lumpur ?? - where our office is currently located at, along with 2 other federal territories are having an annual federal holiday on 1st February 2019, which is today!

While most of us get to enjoy a longer weekend, it also coincides with the upcoming ? Chinese New Year holidays right on the following week. Many of our Chinese colleagues will be traveling back ? to their hometowns, to make it in time for reunion dinner ? during the eve. Typically, this is considered as one of the most important family gatherings of the year.

Limited Support Hours

​For this reason, we apologize for the limited support availability and delay in our response time throughout this festive season. However, some of us will try to take some time out during our holidays to answer some urgent tickets during this time. Otherwise, we hope you could look up for some answers on our support forums as well. 

Before I end this post, we would like to wish everyone good health, happiness, great success, and lasting prosperity throughout the year of the boar ?.

Happy Lunar New Year from all of us at Stack Ideas

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Happy Chinese New Year, I wish you great well being and enduring flourishing.

Thank you CJ :)

And I am a pig so guessing that this will be a good year for me :-) Yes wishing you all a great 2019!

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Haha, Thanks Paul, have a great year ahead!

Happy Chinese New Year to all your guys and girls!

Thank you ssnobben!

Happy holidays with your family is important !! you train a very nice team;)

Thank you Arnaud! We have more to offer soon!

You're all doing a wonderful job. Celebrate yourselves...

Thank you Chris! Have a good one!

Happy Chinese New Year, and keep up with good work throughout the year. :)

Thank you Ivaylo, hope you have a great year ahead too!

Have a fabulous, well deserved holiday! Brilliant, team, brilliant support :)

Thank you Mel!

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