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Titan Enhancements

Titan Enhancements
We have good news for users using Titan to build their native apps. Read on to learn more.

Drawer Management

On our previous update for v4.1, we have added a new drawer management on Titan. This allows you to manage your drawer items by disabling them or re-ordering them.

In this update, Titan will now allow you to add additional menus for the drawer. They can also be configured to ensure that the user is automatically logged in to the site if it is on the same site.

Create New Menu

Reactivation Update

We have also decided to update the re-activation fee for the native app and it will now cost $249 if you want to re-activate a lapsed subscription.


This update is rolled out on Titan today and will be available for FREE. 

Enjoy customizing your drawers!

Comments (3)

To re-subscribe to the Native App, does that mean that instead of paying $299, I will pay $249 ?

Yes, the reactivation fee if your plan expires would be $249. If you maintain your subscription, it would be $129.

Comment was last edited about 3 months ago by Mark Mark

Good news bcs I have not start the mobile dev yet but plan to do it later.

"Titan will now allow you to add additional menus for the drawer." This was also what I was waiting for though you have more extensions that have to work with mobile app as well..

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