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EasySocial Mobile App v4.1

EasySocial Mobile App v4.1

While everyone was busy testing EasySocial 4, our mobile team is behind the scenes working on EasySocial Mobile App v4. This update is a very important milestone for the mobile app as you can now start customizing the drawer in the app.

Marketplace  πŸ›’


The all-new Marketplace in EasySocial 4 has also been added to the new mobile app. This new addition will increase interaction between users on your site since it now introduces the possibility to interact with one another via the internal messaging system.

We have exciting ideas coming up in this area to boost the marketplace in the future!

Drawer Management

Titan Menu Manager

This was one of the most requested features by most of our customers and we have now added a drawer management in Titan. The drawer management allows you to re-arrange, edit or unpublish existing items from the drawer. You can also change the icons for these menu items.

Better Webview Support from Stream Previews

When a user clicks on a link preview from the same site, the mobile app will now automatically open a webview and redirect the user to the page (while also auto logging them into the site).

Activity Stream Preview with Webview

Our developers have also simplified and allowed the flexibility for 3rd party extensions that generate activity stream in EasySocial to be able to easily render their activity stream items in a webview. We have created documentation to encourage 3rd party extension developers to add this support to their apps. It only takes about 8 lines of code to get this going.

With this support, tapping on a preview will automatically open a webview and log the user in automatically (if needed to) and display the page that they are supposed to be viewing (depending on what the extension provider provided)

View Activity Stream on Webview

Edit Page, Group & Events with Webviews

We have also added the ability to configure Titan to enforce editing of page, events and groups on webviews rather than editing it in-app as some customers prefer to have a full range of custom fields supported on the web.

Sign in with Google

Sign in with Google

EasySocial Mobile App now supports Sign in with Google. This feature allows you to increase user conversions by allowing users to quickly register using their Google accounts. With the inclusion of this new feature, EasySocial Mobile App now supports the following social providers:

  • Sign in with Apple
  • Sign in with Facebook
  • Sign in with Google
  • Sign in with Twitter

Subcategories Support


Our team has also added support for subcategories in Pages, Events and Groups. Navigating between them in the app is now a breeze!

Tiles or Grid View for Photos

Tiled & Grid Photos

Prior to this release, photos on the activity stream appear in a horizontal slider. Along with this version, you can now configure Titan should you want photos to be rendered in a tile layout or a horizontal layout.

Bio-metric Login πŸ”“

Bio-metric Login

Your users can now associate their bio-metric logins with their accounts and never have to login with their username and password any longer.

Configurable Advanced Search Types 

With Titan v4, you can now configure the available search types in the native app. You can configure it to allow advance searches from either of the following areas:

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Pages

Configurable User Settings

Configurable User Settings

We have also received requests from site owners that also wanted to configure the items that appear on the settings popup. In this release, you can now configure the visibility of these items in Titan as well:

  • Edit Profile
  • Achievements
  • Points History
  • Invite Friends
  • Leaderboard
  • Advanced Search
  • Language
  • Ratings
  • About
  • Imprint

Setting Default Languages on Titan

Language Manager

We added a new language manager in Titan v3 and it has been extremely helpful for customers who require multi-lingual support on the app. What was missing was the ability to set a language as the default language as it was a hassle to modify the base language. In v4, we have now added a new option in Titan for you to set the default language.

Online Status from Mobile on Web

Along with the updates from EasySocial 4.0, when user logs into the mobile app, EasySocial will now display an online indicator to indicate that the user is online using their mobile device.

Configurable Mandatory Fields in Registration

Previously, the gender and birthday field is always shown in the registration form. In this release, you can now configure if the gender and birthday fields appear on the registration form or if they are mandatory.

Post Editing

Post Editing

Activity stream items that can be submitted via the mobile app can now be edited.

User Name Styles

User Labels

 User name styles are now carried over from the web to the mobile app as well in this update.

Reply to Comments

Replying to Comments

Also one of the most requested features by most of our customers, we have now added the reply to comments into the core. Users on the app can now reply to comments πŸ₯°

Password Protected Albums

Password Protected Albums

We have also added support for password-protected albums in this release. Albums that are password protected can now be viewed if users have the password to the album.

Export Events into Device Calendar πŸ“…

Export to Calendar

Users on your app can now export events in the app into their calendar on their devices.

Major Performance Optimization

We have also spent time overhauling the app and improve performance optimization across the app.

Get EasySocial Mobile App Today

As usual, you can head over to Titan to build the new app and upload it to the respective App Stores. For those that rely on the free version, we have already uploaded them on the respective App Stores and as soon as they approve the app, you can head over to the App Stores to update them.

Updating Apps

You also need to ensure that your REST API as well as your push notification apps are updated to the latest version
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