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EasySocial Native App & Titan Available Today

EasySocial Native App & Titan Available Today

This is probably going to be the post of the decade as most of you have been eagerly waiting for this! I am extremely happy and proud to announce the availability of the EasySocial Native App ! ?

Before anything else, the team and I sincerely apologize for the delays as there has been many setbacks before we are able to push for a release because of the implications involved with the build process. 

By providing the source files alone, it would not be suffice for most of our customers, ergo we spent most of our time working on a build management system, Titan to facilitate the build processes for you.

Hello Titan  ?

Titan Build Manager

Meet Titan, our very own build management system that helps you to manage builds as well as allowing you to perform configurations on the app without having the need to hack or modify any codes. 

At this point of time, we have kept the settings to be as minimal as possible but as time progresses, we will enhance it further just like our extensions.


We are also going to enhance Titan to support inheriting of translations. If you have already completed the translations, you can always send it to us so that we can enhance Titan to allow customers to be able to quickly inherit translations.


We have also prepared the documentation area where you can also read and understand more about building, deploying and also submission of your apps to Apple App Store and Android Play Store. 

Please do take note that we cannot guarantee that the app will be published on the respective App Stores as they are still subjected to approval by their review team.

Trying out EasySocial Native

For customers who did not pre-ordered, you can also try the app out by downloading EasySocial by StackIdeas from the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Last but not least...

For early bird and customers who pre-ordered, we have already added the license to your dashboard and to access your license, head over to your dashboard. 

If you missed the pre-order or the early-bird specials, you may use the coupon code FINALSALE to get 15% discount to get the app. This exclusive and final offer will only be available up till the 19th of January 2020!​

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