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Maintenance update for EasyBlog 5.2.13

Maintenance update for EasyBlog 5.2.13

Today, we would like to present you with a maintenance update for EasyBlog 5.2.13 today.

Most of the bug fixes were already logged onto our changelog, below is just a round down of some of the minor bug fixes included in EasyBlog 5.2.13:  

  • Updated all Facebook icons to follow Facebook's branding guideline
  • Issue with Twitter card's metadata
  • Issue with categories listing at the backend
  • Issue with image title and alt tags for blog cover
  • Issue with Google Place API key
  • Issue with EasySocial's privacy integration
  • Issue with image links in featured slider

Upgrade to EasyBlog 5.2.13 

When upgrading from EasyBlog 5.2.12, the fastest and most convenient way is to utilize the single click updater found on the dashboard of the backend. Alternatively, you can head over to your dashboard, download the launcher or full package installer and run the installation as you normally would.

If you need any help with EasyBlog upgrade, feel free to contact our support guys here

EasySocial 3.1 Beta Testing & Bold Shine Template Giveaway

Just in case you have missed out on this announcement previously, EasySocial 3.1 Beta testing is still on-going and available to be tested on your staging/development sites. 

Together with CMSBold, we are throwing a little giveaway for top 3 of our testers for EasySocial 3.1 release. Three of the most contributing testers for EasySocial 3.1 have the opportunity to get a complimentary copy of Bold Shine Template. 

Last but not least, CMSBold is also throwing a 20% discount of their membership plans only for a limited time. So, don't miss this chance to grab Bold Shine template at a discounted price. ?

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