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Introducing Bold Shine Template from CMSBold

Introducing Bold Shine Template from CMSBold

After returning from our company retreat, we would like to quickly introduce you to a brand new Joomla template called Bold Shine created by the lovely folks at CMSBold today.

Apart from its aesthetically clean design, it was carefully curated to work perfectly with the latest version of EasySocial, EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss, ConverseKit and PayPlans.

Not to mention, Bold Shine template has 4 homepage variations for EasyBlog and 2 homepage variations for EasySocial. It runs on the latest version of Helix Ultimate framework and Bootstrap 4. More importantly, it's also fully responsive that support devices across different screen sizes.

Last but not least, CMSBold is offering a whopping 20% discount on all of their membership plans with the coupon code BOLDSTACK20 that's only valid till 21st April 2019. You can now enjoy 20% off your Bold Shine template purchase, so grab it while the offer lasts.


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That look so beautiful! For all who are searching for demo user sight. Username & Password is "demo".

@CMS Bold will there be a switch for "day & nightmode". As example 2 seperate color Shemas, where i can modify my color values? Our User prefer the nightmode.

Thanks for your kind word!

Night mode is interesting idea, if there are more people interested in this, we will consider to implement. To customize the color, you can go to Template Options > Preset > enable Custom Style option and change value to suit your need.

hi there :> yeah i can set this there up, but the users can't switch. right now with the stackideas Charm Template does it work fine. Could that be also made on yours?

Hi joy,

It can be done, but to be honest, creating the night mode for whole template supporting all of current extensions will take time, if there are more people interest in this, the team will consider to implement it :)

well i would also just be happy, if i could do 2 color shemas. Connected with a toogle in the user menu.

Hi Joy,

The dark mode is ready in the new version of Bold Shine: http://demo.cmsbold.com/bold_shine/

There is floating button on front-end so you can easily switch between dark & light mode.

Kindly check it out.

Nice template ! thanks for the share.

Thank you HMED :)

Hello CmsBold, this is a great template again. Only single Blogpost view is something unusual. Is there a way to have a normal Headline and Cover image into the Post and not to have this above the post as page title?

Hi there,

Template uses some line of script to display image in blog post view page like that (due to its concept). Yes, you can have normal cover image, just simply remove this snippet of code: http://prntscr.com/nd3pya

in the file: templates/bold_shine/html/com_easyblog/blogs/entry/default.php

It will require some additional style, submit a new question in our forum ( https://www.cmsbold.com/support-forum/forums/joomla-templates/bold-shine ), we will help you further.


is this fully compatible with SP Page Builder?


Hi Pavol,

Yes, it should be :)

Hi. If user post bug reports to non beta-section about bugs that in 3.0 and 3.1 beta too? Does he has a chance to win template? Thanks.

Unfortunately, this is only for EasySocial 3.1 beta testings.

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