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EasySocial 3.1 is now Beta

EasySocial 3.1 is now Beta

​Today, we are really excited to be presenting you with EasySocial 3.1 Beta. Here's a short recap of some of the awesome goodies in store. 

?OpenStreetMap Integration

​One of Google Map's counterpart - OpenStreetMap is now integrated into EasySocial 3.1. Aside from it from being an editable world map that's contributed by an awesome community, the wow factor for this particular location service provider is the fact that it's absolutely free.

? Beautified SEF URL

In EasySocial 3.1, site admin now has the option to disable all the IDs from the URLs. Not to mention, the generated URLs are also better optimized for search engines too.

??? Improved Users Listing

We have also added two new filters (My Friends and My Followers) on the users listing page for EasySocial 3.1. It allows user on the site to quickly search for their friends and followers.

? Import Users 

With EasySocial 3.1, site admin can now easily import users from a CSV file. The importing process is extremely simple and it can be mapped to the custom fields as well.

?Advertisement Module

In addition to in-stream adversetiments, site admin can also showcase specific or all advertiser's advertisements. This can be extremely useful when site admin decided to showcase multiple ads on a single module. 

? Username Restrictions

The username restrictions in EasySocial 3.1 comes in useful especially when there are similar or partially similar usernames. This process can be restricted during user registrations itself. 

✨ Improved Notifications

The notifications in EasySocial 3.1 are able to show user reactions for every stream items. With this, it provides users with a clearer picture of these notifications.

? Photos & Albums Tagging

​Another cool addition within EasySocial 3.1, it allows admin to completely disable tagging of photos and albums. This is especially handy for people who preferred not having people tagging present in EasySocial at all.

? Top 3 Testers for EasySocial 3.1 Giveaway

To make EasySocial 3.1 Beta testing a little interesting, we will be having a little giveaway throughout our test releases. How does this giveway works? Basically, every ticket in regards to the EasySocial 3.1 Beta testing will be validated by our dev team. The ticket owner will then be rewarded with points which will be compiled into our internal points system.

Top 3 of the most contributing testers will be given a brand new template each which is proudly sponsored by one of partners, CMSBold. All 3 template prizes will be presented during the stable release of EasySocial 3.1 itself.  

If you don't already know the folks over at CMSBold. They created some amazing looking templates such as Bold Material, Bold SocialPlus, Bold Onelink, and Bold Couple that's compatible with most of our extensions. Do check them out if you're shopping for your next Joomla templates. 

? Attention Fellow Bug Squad

You know the drill, EasySocial 3.1 Beta is mainly for testing purposes and it should only be installed on your development/staging sites. It is NOT recommended to install EasySocial 3.1 Beta on your live site. This is simply to prevent possible fatal errors from occurring on your live site.

All bug reports and feedback will be gathered on our dedicated forum section found with the button below. Not only it will be much easier for our developers and support guys to monitor, it will be much easier for them to address the posted bugs/issues.

Join forces with us while the team is on the quest of eliminating as many bugs before the stable release. Happy testing folks! :) 

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