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Komento 4.0 Beta 1

Komento 4.0 Beta 1

We are proud to present to you the upcoming version of Komento 4.0. While the team was working extremely hard on EasyBlog 6, we also spent most of our time enhancing and revamping Komento. Read on to learn more.


There are massive user interface changes in Komento 4, it starts from the administration area. We have a universal design language across the rest of our extensions thanks to our Foundry framework.

Redesigned Back-end 

The all-new Komento sports a brand new design and a major makeover from Komento 3. It starts in the administration area where we have unified our designs across all of our extensions with the help of the Foundry framework.

Joomla 4.0 Support

The long awaited support for Joomla 4.x has been added in this release. Komento will now work with Joomla 4.x and Joomla 3.x out of the box.

Import & Export Settings

If you have multiple Joomla sites, it is now much easier for you to export and import settings across your sites.

Import & Export Komento Settings

Other Changes

  • Added spam source on the spam listings so that it is clearly visible how was the comment flagged as spam
  • Added capability to block users directly on the spam listings
  • Prevent admin from adding duplicate e-mails under the subscribers section
  • Added new settings to defer attachment from being rendered on the page immediately
  • Removed #__komento_themes_overrides table as it is no longer in use
  • Removed #__komento_ipfilter table as it is no longer in use
  • Last cron execution time is now displayed under the e-mail activities area

Anti-Spam 🦠 

At the very core of StackIdeas, we take spams very seriously and we strive to ensure that our extensions would be free from spams. This is why in Komento 4, we have added additional anti-spam measures to ensure that your sites are safe from spams.



hCaptcha is an anti-spam solution that helps prevent spams, protects user privacy and reward website owners. For those who are seeking an alternative to Recaptcha, you may want to consider hCaptcha.

Honeypot Spam Detection

Honeypot Trap

After experimenting with honeypot traps on both EasySocial, EasyDiscuss and we are extremely happy with its results. This is why we are also rolling out honeypot traps in Komento too.


The front-end of Komento gets a huge makeover too! It has a brand new user interface with a unifying look across our extensions.

Redesigned Comments

We went back to our drawing board to refine the design of comments and the feasibility of maintaining as well as customizing the layouts. 

Dynamic Comment Placements

Along with Komento 4, we are also introducing a brand new comment rendering style. The new comment rendering style can now render comments on the sides or inline just like how it has always been.

Accent Colors

Komento now also allows you to pick an accent color. The accent color would be the same color for EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and the all new StackIdeas toolbar. This will provide a more unifying look across all of our extensions.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes & Dislikes

We also introduced a new dislike feature that allow users to dislike comments. Users can now either like or dislike a comment and users can also sort comments by their popularity.

Live Notifications

Live Notifications

 We have also redesigned and standardized the user interface of the live notifications on Komento

E-mails Digest

E-mail Digest Settings
E-mail Digest Template

One of the most anticipated features of Komento 4 would be the e-mails digest. Users can now opt to receive grouped notification e-mails daily, weekly or even monthly.


Along with all these insane updates, our team also managed to pack in mentions support into Komento. Users can now mention their peers in the comment form and receive notifications when they are mentioned.


Emoji Browser 

Emoji Picker

We have replaced the previous emoji browser with a full unicode emoji browser in Komento.

GIPHY & Stickers

In an effort to make commenting more engaging and fun, we have also added support for GIPHY and stickers in Komento.

Dark & Light Mode

Dark Mode
Light Mode

Komento 4 also sports a dark mode now. You can now switch between light and dark mode in Komento.

Spoiler Tags

Spoiler Tag

Spoiler tags allow users to hide content initially and only make it visible when the user hovers over them

Standardize E-mail Templates

We have also standardized the e-mail templates used in Komento to look similar to the e-mails generated by EasyDiscuss, EasyBlog and EasySocial.

Top Rated Articles Module

Top Rated Comments

We have also added a brand new module to render a list of top rated articles from the site based on the aggregated ratings given for articles on the site.


In this release, we have added integrations with 3 additional Joomla extensions that are pretty popular amongst our customers. If you are looking for any additional integrations, please feel free to post them on our user voices section.

J2 Store

J2Store Integrations

With the new integration with J2Store, users can now post comments on your J2Store items.

DP Calendar

DP Calendar

If you are using DP Calendar from Digital Peak on your site, Komento now supports DP Calendar as well.

Joom Gallery

Joom Gallery Integrations

We have also added integrations with Joom Gallery as requested by most of you. You can now enable Komento on Joom Gallery.

Other Exciting Enhancements

  • You can now configure Komento to use rounded or square avatars 🆕
  • Gist has been removed from Komento altogether as Github no longer allows public api access
  • Background feature in Komento has been removed altogether
  • Fixed issue with duplicate notifications being generated
  • Removed social sharing for comments
  • Removed Use Website As link and all author websites will now contain nofollow attribute
  • Updated integrations with EasySocial 4
  • When posting comments, form should not reset if there is an error

Download Komento 4.0 Beta Today

Komento 4.0 Beta is available starting today by clicking on the download link below. We have also setup a demo site for those who want to give Komento 4.0 a spin but do not have a staging site yet. 

As always, we strongly recommend that you install beta versions on a staging site rather than your live site.

Happy Testing!

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