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EasyBlog 6.0 RC2 Released

EasyBlog 6.0 RC2 Released

EasyBlog 6.0 RC1 was a great success and we are now releasing RC2 to address some of the issues encountered in the previous release. This would most likely be the final release candidate before going to stable.

Updates in RC2 

These are the fixes and updates included in RC2:

  • Added a new option to force reposting to social media sites from the back-end 馃啎
  • Addressed issue where javascript errors are being generated when clicking on the Blocks panel in the composer
  • Canonical tag will now generate correct pagination link when used with SH404
  • Updated styling for repost buttons on the back-end
  • Removed checking for external images when auto posting to Linkedin since Linkedin now allows external images
  • RSS Feed will now respect menu filters for the latest view
  • Updated behavior of retrieving menu ids by selecting a lower menu id instead
  • Updated styling for Thumbnail block
  • Updated styling for social media buttons on the listing
  • Fixed compatibility with strict mode on MySQL 8 causing errors when firing queries
  • Fixed issue with module block generating errors caused by a fix from RC1
  • Fixed issue with UIKit theme generating errors on PHP 8
  • Fixed styling conflicts for search module with Infinity template
  • Fixed issue with disallowed html tags being applied to users with multiple user groups incorrectly

Downloading EasyBlog 6.0 RC2

You can start testing EasyBlog 6.0 RC 2 by accessing the download link below. We are pretty confident that RC2 is pretty close to the stable release and you should be able to run this on a live site.


Comments (5)

Am I safe to install this on my production live site and will I be able to upgrade smoothly from RC2 to stable ?

We believe most issues are already ironed out in RC2 and it should be safe to upgrade to RC2. Having said that, if there are any issues at all, just create a ticket on our helpdesk.


Unable to store post.


Which version of Joomla are you on and have you already submitted a ticket on our helpdesk?

Latest J4!
and RC2
plus latest EB Toolbar

Create new post will give this error
Copying a post was possible
Back-end AND Front-end the error occurs
No ModSec issues

There are no comments posted here yet
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