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Discussion plugin for Joomla

Discussion plugin for Joomla

This is actually my first blog post after joining the company not long ago. Some of you may have known me since back then but those who have never get to meet me yet, I am Mark one of the new developers here.

I hoped you guys are excited when the earlier post about EasyDiscuss 2.0 as it will be one of the biggest change ever. While working on EasyDiscuss, we were a reluctant to actually create YAC (Yet Another Comment) plugin but after developing it on the initial wireframe stages, it got us thinking that this is pretty cool and it allows easy searching when the replies are actually done in the discussions itself.

The plugin allows you to automatically link the articles in Joomla back to EasyDiscuss and vice versa. So, here it is some screenies of how it works and how it's going to help you build your site to allow collaboration between your site members and the author's on the site.

This is what the front page would look like after enabling this plugin.


The plugin allows you to add your own likes which is linked to the discussions.


You can also configure to show who is currently viewing the article.


As an owner of a site, you would also want to be able to allow users to directly input their comments.


Linking between discussion and Joomla articles.


Configuration of the plugins.


That's all from me for now. Oh and before I forget, a beta release will be scheduled very shortly.

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