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EasySocial 3.1 is available now

EasySocial 3.1 is available now

Have you been looking around for a social network tool that runs on Joomla CMS? If it's a YES! We, Stack Ideas is proud to present you with the stable release of EasySocial 3.1.

EasySocial is our take on how a Joomla social network extension should look, behave, and connect people on a community based site. Down this list are just some of the key features introduced in EasySocial 3.1.


While EasySocial 3.0 was already well equipped with its existing location services providers such as Google Maps, Google Places, and Foursquare. 

OpenStreetMap is the latest and newest addition being integrated into EasySocial 3.1. What's really amazing about this particular location services provider, it's an editable world map and data contributed by the people around the globe. Moreover, it's services are absolutely free of charge.

Beautified SEF URLs ?

Have you been worried about the SEO performance? EasySocial 3.1 now has the option to disable the IDs in the SEF URLs entirely. Not to mention, it's beautified in a way that the generated URLs are now standardized and properly optimized for search engines too.

Improved Users Listing ?‍♀️?‍♂️

Do you ever wish to search for a specific user to be quick and effortless? The all new and improved filters on the user listing page in EasySocial 3.1 has branched out for My Friends and My Followers as well. This allows users to quickly search for their friends and followers but minus the hassle. 

Import Users ?

Have you ever wanted to import users from a CSV file to your social site? Good news for you, EasySocial 3.1 now comes equipped with Import User built-in. The importing process is very simple and straightforward. It can also be mapped with the custom fields in EasySocial as well.

Advertisement Module ?

In addition to the in-stream ads introduced in EasySocial 3.0. Site admin can choose to showcase a single, specific or even all ads in EasySocial 3.1 from the available advertisers on hand. This is especially useful when the site admin decided to display multiple ads onto a single module. 

Username Restrictions ?  

Do you easily get mistaken with certain usernames on the site? EasySocial 3.1 has eliminated the problem of similar or partially similar usernames with the brand new username restrictions setting. Site admin can now list down specific words that are not allowed during user registration. 

Improved Notifications ?

The notifications in EasySocial 3.1 are able to show user reactions for every stream items. With this, it provides users with a much clearer view of these notifications. 

Photos & Albums Tagging ?

Another cool addition within EasySocial 3.1, it allows admin to completely disable tagging of photos and albums. This is especially useful for sites that preferred not having tag feature present in EasySocial at all.

User Poll Statistics ?

​Poll statistics in EasySocial 3.1 will now be visible in the about user page. It will also display all the created polls and votes received of the user as well. 

​Task Management for Groups & Events ?

​Event and group owners in EasySocial 3.1 can now assign and modify tasks to their members in its respective milestones. Moreover, all tasks are also sorted to their due dates. 

AcyMailing 6 Integration ?

AcyMailing 5 integration was already available in the prior version of EasySocial. EasySocial 3.1 is currently compatible with AcyMailing 6 version and this also can be integrated in the user workflow for registrations. It allows the newly registered users to also be aligned with the latest happenings on the site simply by subscribing to the new or existing mailing list on AcyMailing. 


Improved Privacy ?

User privacy should never be taken lightly. The team has made efforts to improve privacy in EasySocial 3.1. It involves denormalizing the access of each media item in Photos, Albums, Audio and Videos to have its own access columns. In other words, a lightweight privacy processing that's more robust for each listing. 

Let's Celebrate ?

Let's not also forget about every EasySocial subscribers who had contributed whether small or big through your feature requests, feedback or testings, we really appreciated all of it. EasySocial 3.1 has involved what is it today because of your feedback and suggestions.

We are still in the midst of finalizing the top 3 testers for our CMSBold template giveaway, and it will later be announced on a separate blog post very soon, please bear with us. ?‍♀️?‍♂️

Upgrading from EasySocial 3.0.x ✨

​What's next you may ask? As this is a major update for EasySocial, we strongly advise existing and seasoned EasySocial subscribers to perform a full backup of your live site before upgrade to EasySocial 3.1. Once you have successfully backup your site, you can then proceed to download and install the full or launcher package installer directly on Joomla's extensions page, this applies to both new and seasoned EasySocial subscribers. 

Should you require any assistance at all, feel free to reach our support team at our help desk along with the super admin access of your site and FTP here, so our support team can assist you right away.

We truly hope that you will enjoy what EasySocial 3.1 has to offer as a Joomla social network extension. Happy updating and installing folks! ?

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