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EasySocial 3.1.2 Update

EasySocial 3.1.2 Update

Just a quick update to share with you guys. There was a regression from the release earlier and we would like to address an issue with the caching mechanism for the URLs due to faulty translations. 

Here are some of the other fixes that are included in EasySocial 3.1.2 as well:

  • Addressed issue with page, group, event, video categories and audio genre permalinks where they were not respecting the option to turn off ID in URLs

  • Social sharing summary is now properly truncated with UTF-8 safe method

  • Advertisements without url will no longer display the link on the Advertisement Showcase Module

  • Added missing language strings for Advertisement Showcase Module 

  • Reaction popup will now appear correctly on narrow screens

Upgrading to EasySocial 3.1.2 

​Updating is pretty easy, all you need to do is to click on the update button on EasySocial's administration section. For sites that are still running on EasySocial 3.0.x, you should perform a backup of your site beforehand. Then, proceed to installing EasySocial 3.1.2 using the launcher or full package on the Joomla extensions page as you normally would. 

Congratulations Winners!

Finally, we teamed up with CMSBold for a little giveaway announced last April. The results were finalized and gathered throughout all our beta testings for EasySocial 3.1. Three of our lucky winners will be informed about their template prize via email. Again, congratulations to Deng, Yann and Neiger! We really appreciated for all the support and feedback from it. ?

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