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EasySocial 3.1 Beta 2 Released

EasySocial 3.1 Beta 2 Released

Nearly 3 weeks has passed since the first beta for EasySocial 3.1 was released. Today, we are excited to announce that EasySocial 3.1 Beta 2 is now available for testing.

EasySocial 3.1 Beta 2 addressed mostly bug fixes found in Beta 1 and some of EasySocial 3.0.x as well. Down below are just some of the new enhancements and fixes. To learn more about the brand new features in EasySocial 3.1, head on over to our previous blog post here for a quick readup. 

  • New setting for avatar sizes in users module ?
  • Add smiley button for the built-in conversations ?
  • Updated all Facebook icons to follow Facebook's branding guideline 
  • Refined birthday privacy
  • PHP 7.2 compatibility 
  • Issue with comments' links for repost streams
  • Issue with redirection issue with Facebook login
  • Issue with emoticons selection for image pop-up
  • Issue with expiration date when editing polls
  • Issue with Dailymotion links support

 ? Bold Shine Template Giveaway With CMSBold

​Together with CMSBold, we would also like to present you with a little giveaway in conjunction with the upcoming release of EasySocial 3.1.

This joint collaboration gives an opportunity for all active EasySocial subscribers to participate, where top 3 of the most contributing testers will be given each a brand new Bold Shine template during the stable release of EasySocial 3.1. To learn more about Bold Shine template, you can refer to this blog post

? EasySocial 3.1 Bug Squad

Please be reminded that EasySocial 3.1 Beta 2 is only for testing purposes, and it should only be installed on your development/staging sites. It's NOT recommended to install EasySocial 3.1 Beta 2 on your live site. This is simply to prevent any possible fatal errors from occurring on your live site.

Furthermore, all bug reports and feedback must be submitted on our dedicated forum section found on the button below. Not only it will be much easier for our developers and support guys to monitor, it will be manageable for them to address all reported bugs/issues as well. 

Join forces with us while the team is still on the quest of eliminating as many bugs before the stable release. Happy testing! ?

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