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EasySocial Native Mobile App 1.0.4

EasySocial Native Mobile App 1.0.4

​Today our mobile team released EasySocial Native Mobile App v1.0.4. This release includes performance fixes, bug fixes as well as a new Advance Search option in the App. Read on to learn more:

These are some of the changes that are included in this release:

  • ? Advance Search for Users, Groups, Events & Pages
  • Fixed issue with cross postings in Conversations
  • Fixed issue with pinned photo items on Profile page
  • Addressed issue with Audios from the featured section
  • Addressed global performance issues when rendering Group, Event, Pages, Profile, Album, Audio and Video listings
  • Improved user experience when sending message to all users on the site
  • Fixed issue with pluralization during translations
  • Fixed issue with duplicate messages in Conversation when switching between views from Conversation
  • Fixed issue with searching for Conversations
  • App will now respect the minimum age requirements set in EasySocial
  • Fixed issue with Invite Only Group appearing on the app
  • Addressed issue with sorting options in Users screen not displaying all users
  • Fixed issue with stream items in Events belonging to Pages or Groups
  • Improved user experience when loading screen contains placeholder from Groups, Pages or Events
  • Fixed counter for reactions in Audio files belonging to Groups, Pages or Events
  • Added new translation strings, new_post and no_pending
  • Fixed issue with title and description of links shared in EasySocial not reflected correctly
  • Fixed issue with deleting post from Profile screen
  • Fixed warnings generated from Apple Connect regarding Deprecated API notices
  • Fixed issue with participant links in a Conversation not linking to their Profile screen correctly
  • Fixed issue with Like button for Pages not working correctly on App
  • Improvised loading times when rendering the App for the first time
  • View these changes on our Change Log

Updating to 1.0.4 

Before creating a build, you will first need to update the following:

After updating the plugin on the site, you may start building. If you are using Titan to manage your builds, all you need to do is to create a new build and Titan will automatically use the latest build from our system. If you are building from source, you will need to download the source and apply these changes on your own. 

For those who wish to get a hand on the App, you may use the coupon code ESNATIVEONE to get 20% discount to purchase the App. This offer is limited up till the 7th of April 2020.

Happy Building & Have a great week ahead!

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