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EasySocial 3.2.11, Age Verification Plugin & Mobile Template

EasySocial 3.2.11, Age Verification Plugin & Mobile Template

Before anything else, ​I truly hope that everyone is safe at home and taking the necessary precautions to combat this global pandemic. That being said, today I would like to share with you some updates on EasySocial. Read on to learn more.

Changes in EasySocial 3.2.11

The team has addressed quite a number of teething issues in this release over the past two weeks. These are some of the changes in this release:

  • Fixed issue with dating search module not displaying correct results
  • Added missing alert settings for file upload notifications for both Pages and Events
  • Added missing installer plugin to utilize Joomla Updater
  • Updated connector library to address issues with sites performing 301 redirects
  • Added new event triggers (onBeforeGroupJoin and onAfterGroupJoin) when user joins a group
  • Deleting a user will now also remove their digest e-mail subscriptions from Group, Pages or Events
  • Addressed an issue with time not respecting the server's timezone in Events
  • Addressed an issue with e-mail digest sending incorrect link for photos
  • Deleting a poll will now display successful message on screen
  • Deleting a stream item will now also delete reports associated with that stream
  • Create video button in Groups will now correctly respect the users ACL
  • Fixed performance issue when deleting a stream item 
  • Fixed synchronization issue when switching from Amazon S3 back to local storage
  • Fixed issue with upcoming birthday module not displaying birthdays on a non leap year
  • Fixed issue with Files app rendering "Upload file" when clicking on the header
  • Deleting an album will now update the Smart Search as well
  • Avatars in Pages, Groups and Events module will now respect the shape settings (Either rounded or square)
  • Notifications associated to comments are now also deleted when the comment is deleted
  • REST API: Addressed performance issues when there is too much data
  • REST API: Fixed issue with privacy not returning appropriate data
  • REST API: Added new API endpoints to support basic Advance Search in Native Mobile App
  • View all of these changes on our Change Log

Mobile Template 2.3.4

Aside from the EasySocial update, we have also updated the Mobile Template to version 2.3.4. With this release, we addressed the following issue:

  • Addressed issue with missing header when using iPhone

Age Verification Plugin 2.1.7

We have also updated the Age Verification Plugin to version 2.1.7 by enhancing some of the features in the plugin. With this release, it will now support the following:

  • Admin can now set a redirect link if user chooses to leave the website
  • Admin can now customize the title and description under the settings of the plugin.

Updating EasySocial

Updating EasySocial to the latest version, 3.2.11 is as easy as clicking on the "Update" button on your EasySocial dashboard. If you are updating from 3.2.10, do take note that the Joomla Updater might not work for you. It will only work from 3.2.11 onward with the new installer introduced in this release. If you need any assistance with the updates, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Most of you are probably in some sort of a lockdown right now and it would be the best time to take this opportunity to stay indoors to build and update your sites! 

Happy Updating ? ! Please Stay Safe & Stay Indoors Everyone ?


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Thank you Mark
What does it mean "Added new event triggers (onBeforeGroupJoin and onAfterGroupJoin) when user joins a group" ?
What is it used for ?

If an app needs to perform certain action before and after a user joins a group, this hook will help the app.

Hi, hi
(onBeforeGroupJoin and onAfterGroupJoin)
I had the exact same question.
Could you give an example of an App and what the function could be?
Trying to understand.

These are APIs used in the codes and it does not appear anywhere on the interface. An example of an app that could make use of this:

1. User requested to join a group that requires approval.

2. Before joining the group, the app could perform certain activity by listening to the hook onBeforeGroupJoin

3. Upon approval, the app could perform certain activity by listening to the hook onAfterGroupJoin

Is this the latest screenshot for Mobile Template?

Looks like we have not updated the screen shot for the app page. Will do so soon, thanks for the heads up on that

Just to inform...Dowloading Full Package is too slow for the past few weeks... :z
Any idea why?

I think almost 3/4 of the world is on a lock down right now and there are definitely bottlenecks with downloads and especially international bandwidth. It really depends where are you downloading from.

I would suggest installing a VPN or try downloading during non peak hours from your country.

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