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Mobile Web Template

Mobile Web Template

Renders your site beautifully on mobile devices with this template. Developing native mobile apps are getting costly and it's going to take a lot of time maintaining a native web app.

Having a mobile layout would enhance the user experience when visitors visits your site on their mobile devices.

This package contains a template and a plugin. It will automatically render the mobile template when users are viewing your site with a mobile device.

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Not suitable for integrated sites
Mark McGlynn, on 20th Aug, 2017
Be wary of using this app. Although it may speed up page loading, it does not integrate well with other templates and takes control over all aspects of the mobile interface. It is not sufficiently advanced in design to use on a commercial site and does not uninstall easily....
Paul Murray, on 14th May, 2017
Every thing is way cleaner. The ES nuts and bolts are all pushed to the front. Things feel about 5 times faster on a mobile. Initially I was sceptical and did not know why I needed this, now I am hooked and can not imagine living with out this App. Did I say I was flabbergasted. ...

Thank you Paul! Much appreciated.

— Reply from owner on Sunday, 14 May 2017
Overrides site default template
LAC Webadmin, on 13th Feb, 2017
It looks nice but it took over the site default template. I wish it only activates if the loaded view is ES. Mark? I know you guys can do it :) also throw in compatibility with EasyBlog....

You could already configure the plugin to only load on specific menu items :) If you have any inquiries, please feel free to use the forum :p

— Reply from owner on Tuesday, 14 February 2017
Nice Idea, but not really ready to sell ...
Julian, on 7th Feb, 2017
I bought this app on the first realease-information and I am disappointed. The Idea itself is really great, but the bugs and the missing orientation are more confusing then solving anything. 1. The options are very, very limited: The template can be turned on and off. That´s it. No option for a logo, to change anything, to place in a menu or whatever. There are exactly ZERO options when opening the template or the plugin in the backend. 2. The page looses it´s main-menu when openend in a mobile. Users can´t navigate anymore on the page. But that´s not enough: Another button appears called "Menu" which is exactly the same as the docker. It does not show the main-navigation, but it is called "Menu". There are not options to change anything in this "Menu". 3. There is no button to "Switch to desktop-view" for the users. 4. No Logo, no nothing. It´s impossible to put any consistancy inside the mobile pages. You can´t even change the colours or upload a logo. Simply nothing! 5. When hitting "connect", users will see a list of all registered users, but can´t search for users. How should somebody be able to connect, when he can´t search for his frieds? The Filters are limited to "recent registered", "last logged" and "sort by name". That´s it. 6. The Logo of the converse-Kit overlaps completely with the button to the profile-view. Bouth extensions are published at the same time. Did anybody test this before selling it? Unfortunatelly, the usability of this app is very limited, which is sad because the idea itself is great. All the best, Julian! ...
Great with one flaw
Rebecca Lowry, on 18th Jan, 2017
An elegant solution to the mobile responsive problems ES2 is currently dealing with... with one flaw those using third party theme frameworks should be aware of. It over rides all other templates for non ES pages. This is a problem if you are using ES as part of a larger site and are using Warp, Yootheme Pro, Gantry, etc. There is a patch currently in the forums that forces it to apply only to ES pages but I wasn't expecting to need it when purchasing. Hopefully this will be roadmapped for attention in the immediate future, as outside of this issue it is a great addition for ES2....
Best joomla web mobile template
Robert, on 3rd Jan, 2017
Coming from a satisfied customer. Give it a try!...
Perfect just what I was looking for!
Jean, on 2nd Jan, 2017
Users on our site have all been complaining why not have a native app for android and ios. When I told them sure, if you consider paying double you are paying now why not. All tried to convince me to make a native app for our site. But when I showed them what I have to do, to maintain and make it possible the asking and questions stopped. So I told them we will try something else like this Mobile Web Template. Most of the users are happy the way it is now. For all who are considering purchasing this Template/Plugin go ahead you will not regret it....
Sabih, on 30th Dec, 2016
Works just out of the box. Because it is a template you can easily configure it with the custom.css like any other template. Fantastic!...

Thank you Sabih!

— Reply from owner on Saturday, 31 December 2016
Not sure why we need this
Marc Bills, on 29th Dec, 2016
What does the template do differently? There is very little information available as to why we should consider this template add-on to Easysocial. Just saying a better mobile experience doesn't give us much to go on. Is there a demo available? Please can you provide more details in the product description...

Please try to view with your mobile device :)

— Reply from owner on Thursday, 29 December 2016

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Compatibility 2.1.x
Version 2.1.7
Author Mark
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Updated 30th Nov, 2017
Submitted 28th Dec, 2016
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