EasySocial 1.1.0 Beta 1 Released

EasySocial 1.1.0 Beta 1 Released

It's only quite recently that we announced the first release of EasySocial 1.0. This time, we are proud to present you the first minor release of EasySocial 1.1.0 Beta that includes tons of exciting features. One of the key features in this release is our very own Mentions and Hash Tag support which works with the activity stream flawlessly. Here are some of the features that is included in this release:

Core Enhancements

  • Start a conversation with a friend list.
  • Mentions in story.
  • Hashtags support in story.
  • CSV import for badges.
  • CSV import for points.
  • Videos support in Link sharing.
  • Ability to create new Stream filters.
  • Mark all notification as read.
  • Overriding emoticons are now possible.

Module Enhancements

  • Mini notifications module.
  • Search module.
  • Dropdown menu module.


  • Kunena application.
  • Headline custom field.

These are only some of the enhancements that we have added in EasySocial 1.1. To read the full list of features, visit http://stackideas.com/roadmap/easysocial .

To access the beta downloads, head on to http://stackideas.com/issues/1135

Note: This is a beta and it is not advisable to install it on a live site.


Comments (12)

  1. Fred

Is there plans to go from this Beta to the Live Update? Or would you still want a full reinstall of it?

  1. Mark

A full re-install is required Fred :)

  1. Robert

I am getting error upon installation

There was an error uploading this file to the server.

  1. Mark

Sorry about that, can you try downloading them again?

  1. Randall McCallum

I tried everything to install this beta v1.1 using the the Directory install method and no luck. It comes up with an error message.

Extracting component filesSuccess
Installation archive extracted successfully.
Initializing Database Failed
Sorry, there was some errors when trying to extract the queries.zip file. Please contact our support team.

  1. Mark

Hello Randall,

Can you post this in the issue tracker? Thanks :)

  1. Randall McCallum

I have posted it in the ES issue tracker.

  1. Mark

Thanks :)

  1. Mike Sko

Please take note of the minimum requirements for this beta release:

upload_max_filesize 16MB
post_max_size 16MB

after i edit my limit from 8 to 16 in the .htaccess the installation worked fine.

  1. Mark

Thanks for sharing Mike :)

  1. Kaloyan Banev

Quite happy to see the roadmap, download the new beta now for testing. I've started testing of EasyDiscuss Beta too and announced to my social network members.

  1. Mark

Thanks for sharing Kaloyan :)

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