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EasySocial Social Networking Extension for Joomla is Released!

EasySocial Social Networking Extension for Joomla is Released!

You've heard it right, EasySocial is finally released! Despite all the challenges, we are proud to announce the stable release of EasySocial is now available to download.

It was a gruelling task of building the next best social networking extension for Joomla with over 14,000 commits. This is proof of how much dedication we had put in to give you only the best tool.

Download EasySocial

Some of the cool features of EasySocial:



EasySocial is meant to support user interactions, therefore, managing a social network needs all the right tools to work without confusing the community manager and the people.

Managing EasySocial for Joomla



This is where you get to be in the know of what's happening in your social network. All updates and posts from users are shown in a streaming flow of information.

EasySocial Activity Stream Wall



Photos are powerful communicators and that's where we spent a bit more time to make them easily manageable in EasySocial. After all, social networking is all about interactions and what better way to do it with pictures, right?

EasySocial Photos and Albums


There are loads of other features to explore that we could include here. You just have to get your hands on a copy of EasySocial today.

EasySocial comes with various licenses that you could choose based on your requirements. Whether you are a webmaster, freelancer or a full fledged web agency, these plans shall give you the best value for money for starting online communities.




Comments (29)

EasySocial Rocks! Great product with superb potential for community and feature growth, well done guys!

Thank you Richard

Long time awaited!! Congrats guys, I can't wait to put my dirty fingers on it

Thanks Isidro! This is only the first release and there will be more to come, more to come ....

is it possible to follow someone without having to friend them?

Yep, it's possible You can try it out at http://demo.stackideas.com

Is there a roadmap available for Easysocial?

It's not available yet currently but it will be published shortly once we complete our feature request area

Congratulation, guys! It was a long wait, really.

By the way, it is interesting that "Guest (AR)" uses my profile. My account may be stolen? Could you send me please his IP?

Hm, stolen? I don't think that's a user account He set "AR" as his name

Interesting, his profile URL disappeared now. It was the same URL of me 1 second ago.

Zafer: I posted the comment as a guest and used the name AR(The first letters of my firstname & lastname). I am not connected to any profile url.:p

And thanks Mark for such a quick reply:)

Mark, is Turkish language already available?

Zafer, you can find the list of available translations at https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/easysocial/

Sorry AR Probably it was because of excitement I had

Comment was last edited about 5 years ago by zaf zaf

Thank you, Mark.

You are most welcome

group and video feature to be added ?

Yep, it's in the pipeline

Can I migrate from jomsocial?

Hi wat,

Yes, you definitely can migrate from JomSocial to EasySocial with the built-in migrator. It's just a few clicks of a button! Cheers

Finally!! I have ditched jomsocial since the beginning of jomsocial 3 as it's not usable for us! can you please extend the coupon code for another day? I am still waiting for funds for my account.

i love it i can say it is the best social componenet for joomla it has all the features of facebook exept pages , thank you stackideas <3

awww i didnt see the early bird special and ended up getting it full price on launch day


The pricing says billed annually, like if I pay now and buy easy social, again for next year I will be charged to use it?

Hi Kiran,

As Mark said, you can cancel your subscription at anytime. The only things that you will miss is the software updates and our technical support. Cheers.

Hello Kiran,

You can cancel the subscription at any point of time and you won't be billed for the subsequent year. The software will still work as is even after 10 years There's no limits / restriction on the usage of the extension

Congratulations to all Stackideas team, good job

Thank you

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