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EasySocial Integrations with JReviews

EasySocial Integrations with JReviews

It's been almost 2 weeks since the initial release of EasySocial and here, I would love to share an exciting news with you. The team over at ReviewsforJoomla has been hard at work building awesome integrations with EasySocial and I must admit, this looks extremely awesome! Kudos to Alejandro from ReviewsforJoomla as he was able to build such integrations so quickly and of course we have shared a couple of ideas along the way, which is what EasySocial is all about. These are some of the mind blowing integrations that would be available if you are using JReviews and EasySocial:

  • User Integrations - Avatar and user's name are tightly integrated (Avatar and names are pulled from EasySocial)
  • My Listings Application - Displays user's listings on their profile.
  • My Reviews Application - Displays user's reviews they made.
  • My Favorites Application - Displays user's favorites.
  • Review Me Application - Adds a review system to a user profile when used in conjunction with JReviews Everywhere.
  • Activity Stream Integrations - Activities are created in EasySocial's stream.
  • Points Integrations for JReview Listings, Reviews and Media Uploads.


The list above is only the tip of the iceberg and going beyond, Alejandro plans to enhance the current list of integrations where it would be generating internal notifications for listings and of course, the  integrations with EasySocial Achievement System. We really think that you would love the integration!

This is only the beginning of EasySocial and there would be more to come with our extremely scalable application model that allows 3rd party developers to build really cool and awesome extension. This integration will be available for download as soon as they release a newer version of JReviews that works with EasySocial.

Enjoy the screens below!


P/S: Would like to take this opportunity to Thank James for helping us take these awesome screen shots :)


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Very exciting news, glad to be able to help with the testing.
- James

Thanks James

It is absolutely awesome to see my two favorite extensions developers collaborating so successfully! Thank you so much to Alejandro and the Stack Ideas crew for listening to your users' requests, and responding so quickly!

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Incredible! Really great to see ClickFWD and StackIdeas working together. I have only been with StackIdeas for a couple weeks now but I am floored at how great everything is. Now with Jreviews + EasySocial working together I am speechless.

Thank you for the support guys, Alejandro is an awesome guy and it's our privilege to be able to work alongside with him

It's so good to see the collaboration between two top Joomla Extension developers, and assistance from loyal customers. This is awesome news.

Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen so quickly. Note to John Whelan - Thank you John for being a catalyst to get this JED collaboration going. :)

The list of Joomla Extension developers coming out with new versions of their extensions is growing very quickly and this a testimonial to EasySocial's flexibility. :):)

Yee pi kai, Joomla lover!

Very exciting news.

Absolutely beautiful.. Way to go guys!

Absolutely awesome news, completes the jigsaw for the new site, thank you all!

Thanks guys More to come, more to come....

How is integration with Komento coming along?

We're still working on EasyDiscuss and Komento's integration

Is there any update about these integrations ?

I am looking to switch from JomSocial and was hoping to see the ability to review groups too (feature offered with JomSocial).

Is this feature in the works?

If not planned is that type of integration possible? (just want to make sure its doable before I hire someone to build it)



Hm i am not really sure if i understand you here but do you mean group moderation? If so, it's actually possible already

Thank you for your reply... I came accross moderation of groups already and was aware that is an available feature.

Our site however is going to be a review driven site with a social twist. I see that with current JReviews integration users can review and rate member profiles - I do not see an integration that allows rating and reviewing of easysocial groups.

Is that something that is in the works and if not is that kind of integration even possible?

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