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EasyDiscuss 5.0 RC3 Released

EasyDiscuss 5.0 RC3 Released

We would like to announce the availability of the final release candidate for EasyDiscuss 5.0.

This will be the final release candidate before we release the stable release of EasyDiscuss 5.0. For those of you who missed out on the awesome new features in EasyDiscuss 5, you may view the post here.

Changes in RC3

In this release, we have added several new functionalities as well as bug fixes from the prior release.

  • 🆕 Added My Profile link on dropdown on toolbar
  • 🆕 Added new option for Telegram bot to notify bot for new replies only
  • 🆕 Admin can now duplicate a post from the back-end of EasyDiscuss
  • EasyDiscuss 5 will also work with Joomla 4.0 Beta 6 out of the box
  • Added post count on Forum, Categories and Single category view
  • Dashboard has been renamed to Manage
  • Navigation button module has been updated to use new markup
  • Fixed issue with timestamp of replies displayed incorrectly when sorted by newest or oldest
  • Merged ratings with likes and favorites to provide a cleaner user interface
  • Fixed issue with XSS injection for comments affecting only EasyDiscuss 5.x.
  • Addressed issue with slow rendering time caused by schema logo
  • Fixed issue with comment timestamp displayed incorrectly
  • Updated description for the badge "Notable Answerer" and "Well-Known Questionnaire"
  • Fixed alignment issues with new filter bar
  • Fixed issue with EasyDiscuss app for EasySocial not saving into the appropriate category when created from EasySocial
  • Recent discussions module will now filter posts correctly based on the settings of the module
  • Fixed issue with labels not appearing correctly on tablets
  • Standardized the search input for tags and users listings
  • Addressed performance issue when submitting a reply if the thread has already had too many replies
  • Fixed layout issues on category meta when subscribing to category is not visible to the user
  • Antispam solutions such as Akismet is not applied to site administrators
  • Category description settings are now respected
  • Fixed categories module not respecting module settings

Final Testing

The team and I are really excited for EasyDiscuss 5 as this would be a major breakthrough for us. If you have some spare time or a development site around, please feel free to give it a spin.

If you don't have a test site, we prepared a staging site where you can participate and try out EasyDiscuss 5 RC3.

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