EasyDiscuss 4 Beta

EasyDiscuss 4 Beta

EasyDiscuss 4 Beta is now available for download!

A round of applause to our developers! Each and every one of them worked hard and fixed all of the bugs reported from our Alpha releases. Not to forget our Alpha testers as well, thank you so much for your effort! 

EasyDiscuss 4 Beta is up now and ready for production mode with added themes! All javascript files will be combined and minified thus the page load will be faster.

Kindly take note that EasyDiscuss 4 Beta is ONLY intended for testing purpose and NOT advisable to be installed on live site.

 Download ED4 Beta


Comments (22)

  1. Bright Ibeawuchi

Great job guys! Once this gets released what is the upgrade procedure from version 3? Can the beta be directly upgraded to final version?

  1. Mark

Yep, that is correct Bright :)

  1. Jan    Mark

So who won the 1-year complimentary EasyDiscuss Professional plan?

  1. Mark    Jan

It's an on-going process until the testing is completed :)

  1. Jan    Mark

This seems to me strange :( Alpha testing is completed...

I quote: Top 3 of our Alpha testers will be given 1-year complimentary EasyDiscuss Professional plan.

  1. Sylvie    Jan

Hi Jan,

I'm really sorry but unfortunately we will have to wait till the end of our Beta testing :(

  1. Espen

Do you have any time frame for when modules (recent discussion) are ready for ED 4 beta?

  1. Net4ia Networks

Looks great... I couldn't get the download link to work though.

  1. Mark    Net4ia Networks

The downloads are only available to users with a valid subscription for EasyDiscuss. Do you have an active subscription for EasyDiscuss? If you already have and have problems accessing the downloads, please start a new thread on the forums :)

  1. Marco Vantroba

Looks great.
Really great. Just one thing, I ask few weeks before in forum:
Please add option to "select all" in
"Categories" -> "Permissions" (Moderation)

We use actually 26 diff. usergroups in joomla. If we need to select all manually - we get loong beards again :(
Looking forward (its not a huge change for you)...

  1. Sylvie    Marco Vantroba

Hi Marco,

Would you sending this issue here: http://stackideas.com/issues/easydiscuss/form please? :)

  1. Marco Vantroba    Sylvie

Done this few weeks before, and (i think it was) mark replied on this.
Its also not an issue - its a feature on the wishlist.

  1. Sylvie    Marco Vantroba

Hi Marco,

I'm so sorry about that. If that the case, would you mind sending your wishlist here: http://stackideas.com/voices/easydiscuss if you haven’t already done so. Thank you! :)

  1. doodee

Great Work for Mark and Team. Awaiting for full stable version to be release.

  1. Sylvie    doodee

Thank you so much Doodee! :)

  1. Gökhan

does it have pagination support?


  1. Sylvie    Gökhan

Hi Gökhan,

EasyDiscuss 4's replies will have standard pagination. :)

  1. Gökhan    Sylvie

easydiscuss major shortcomings :(

  1. Mark    Gökhan

Hm, not too sure what you mean here. Can you please elaborate more on this?

  1. Gökhan    Mark

When there are too much messages, the page becomes too long. Could topics/messages be organized as 1,2,3 in different pages?

  1. Mark

Sylvie already replied you above and EasyDiscuss 4.0 will use standard pagination (by pages) :)

  1. Net4ia Networks

I uploaded it to the dev server. Looks really nice. How long until we can take it to a production machine? Also will it come with the template that makes it look like this forum? I am somewhat disappointed with the vanilla selections.

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