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Joomla Easter Egg Hunt

Joomla Easter Egg Hunt

Stack Ideas and our friends from Techjoomla and Joomlashine would like to wish everyone Happy Easter! 

Let's celebrate Easter together, this time in a different way. Together with Techjoomla and JoomlaShine have joined hands to delight our users with some amazing deals and surprises. Participate in our Easter Egg Hunt to get better discounts! 

What's Joomla Easter Egg Hunt?


  • You may use the coupon code as it is above to get 10% discount on all Stack Ideas Joomla extensions (this is not applicable for products bundles)
  • All that's left for you to do is to find the remaining 2 parts of the coupon code hidden in Easter Eggs somewhere on JoomlaShine and Techjoomla websites. Each code will be worth 10% discount on their respective sites.
  • Once you have completed the coupon code, you will get a whopping 30% discount on all of our products.
  • For Stack Ideas existing users, enjoy 30% off for all renewals with the same coupon code: EASTE too.
  • Hurry, this offer ends March 28, 2016 at 11:59 pm (Eastern time) 

Here are some hints:

  • EASTE##########
  • 2nd part: JoomlaShine hides the coupon code in one of their best-seller Joomla templates
  • 3rd part: Techjoomla hides the coupon code in one of their paid product pages

2nd part: JoomlaShine and 3rd part: Techjoomla


That's not all...

On top of that, all users who managed to find the complete coupon code and bought our products will be shortlisted for a lucky draw. The lucky draw winner will get a chance to choose a single product (one from every partner) which will be absolutely free. :)

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