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EasyDiscuss 4.1.20 Released

EasyDiscuss 4.1.20 Released

We have just released an update for EasyDiscuss to address some of the issues encountered from the previous release.

In this release, we have implemented quite a number of performance improvements to address issues reported by some of our customers:

  • Fix issue with viewing replies that are not on the first page
  • Category selection when moving a topic will now include subcategories
  • Fixed issue with viewing reported posts not redirecting user to the exact post page
  • Optimized the way user listings are retrieved in EasyDiscuss to prevent timeouts
  • Users can now search for posts using ID when trying to merge posts
  • Fixed deprecated notices for PHP 7.4 onwards
  • Checkout the changelog for the full changes

Updating to EasyDiscuss 4.1.20 

Updating EasyDiscuss is a pretty straight-forward procedure. You can update EasyDiscuss using the single click updater in Joomla or the back-end of EasyDiscuss. Alternatively, you can also download the latest version from your dashboard and install it just like how you normally install any extension.

Our awesome support team is always around should you require any assistance at all.

Happy Updating!

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