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EasyBlog 5.1 RC release

EasyBlog 5.1 RC release

Hey guys, i promise this post will be a brief one. It's roughly over a week since we last released EasyBlog 5.1 Beta 2, which was right before we departed for our team retreat. Having said that, EasyBlog 5.1 RC is now available, this is really an exciting time for us as we are approaching the end goal pretty soon. 

EasyBlog 5.1 RC will be the final lap of testing before we draw towards to a close and start rolling out EasyBlog 5.1. Do check out on our demo site if you haven't already done so yet. Alternatively, you could also check out on the main highlights of EasyBlog 5.1 shared Mark previously too. 


To all EasyBlog subscribers

Just in case you have missed out on my previous post and happened to own an EasyBlog license, you are invited to give EasyBlog 5.1 a try and run some tests on your staging site. Please be reminded that this is solely for testing and not advisable to be installed on your live site. Happy testing everyone! :)


 EasyBlog 5.1 RC   Bug Reports

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