Celebrate Easter day with us and get 30% off

Celebrate Easter day with us and get 30% off

As many of you might have know this, we just return from our short stay on a beautiful island, Redang (from April 7, 2017 to April 9, 2017), the island was an ideal place for us to get away from the internet, our daily routines, the different commitments we have and our work stress. 

Just to share a little on our retreat, our resort was located at the East coast of Malaysia, surrounded with stunning ocean view, beautiful gradient emerald blue seawater and soothing and refreshing sea breeze.

Some of our activities are snorkeling, friendly match of beach volleyball, karaoke session, and swimming with the turtles out in the ocean was the main highlight of the retreat. Which also explained why most of us are now visibly tanned, but it was worth it! 

The photos below are snippets of the entire retreat. And on our final night there, we had a barbecue dinner spread by the beach made exclusively for the whole team. As you can see, all of us were pampered to bits throughout the retreat. We are now back, fully recharged, and ready to take on the rest the of 2017.


It's Easter, let's celebrate!

Since Easter day is around the corner, you will be pleased to know that we are offering 30% off all new single purchases such as EasySocial, EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Komento. On top of that, we are also throwing 30% discount on products renewal too. This offer valids till April 17, 2017, so don't miss this chance to renew your subscription. 



EasyBlog 5.1 RC released

Last but not least, Mark and the team just released EasyBlog 5.1 RC1 yesterday and this will be the final lap of testing before we start rolling out EasyBlog 5.1 to the public. We hope you're enjoying EasyBlog 5.1 so far and we really appreciate each and every bug reports coming in. Have a great Easter everyone!


Comments (14)

  1. Paul Murray

the island was an ideal place for us to get away from the internet

  1. Mark    Paul Murray

Yep, everywhere else has internet except for the island

  1. Jeromy Waunch

I tried applying the discount to the pro bundle, but it didn't give a discount. Was that done on purpose?

  1. Mark    Jeromy Waunch

Hello Jeromy,

The discount code is applicable on single purchases and because bundles are already discounted, it isn't applicable on bundles.

  1. Philippe

Thank you for sharing this moment.
It's nice to discover all the team Stackideas !
Your country is beautiful

  1. Sylvie    Philippe

Thanks Philippe

  1. ssnobben

Great trip and great photos! Happy team work!

  1. Sylvie    ssnobben

Thanks Ssnobben

  1. Sabih

Glad to see you can enjoy freetime as good as developing software. I have to agree with Philippe, that place looks amazing.

  1. Mark    Sabih

Thanks Sabih! The turtle was bad though, it bit my finger All in all, it was definitely a fun and experiencing one.

  1. Mel

Exactly what I need - looks amazing. Well deserved treat for you all. Next time, please invite us along too

  1. Mark

Thanks guys! Without your support, it would never have been possible for us to make this retreat possible. If it permits us in the future, we'll definitely invite you guys over the next retreat and hope we could all get together!

  1. Robert

Is this coupon still Valid? how did I miss this.. I wish to renew easyblog subscription..

  1. Ryan Harden

Nuts I missed this.

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