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EasyBlog 5.3 RC Released

EasyBlog 5.3 RC Released

Today, we are also thrilled to be presenting you with EasyBlog 5.3 RC - Yes, the stable version is around the corner! This release focuses mainly on refinements, minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Add custom overrides for magazine layout

In EasyBlog 5.3, site administrators or template developers alike are now able to create and apply their own custom overrides for the magazine layout styling. The overridden layouts will also appear in the menu settings. 

​Apart from that, down below are just some of the issues that were addressed in this release: 

  • Added a skip button in the timer countdown for the publish confirmation 

  • The comparison image block no longer allow users to alter the attributes from the media manager

  • Addressed a possible issue of the page title getting reset by frontpage menu item

  • Refined the styling for the UIkit theme

  • Custom field search module now shows the right results on single category listing view

Let's get excited for EasyBlog 5.3

​Like any major updates, EasyBlog 5.3 is jam packed with many power features such as OpenStreetMap, UIkit theme, Image Optimizer, Image Comparison Block, Sendy Block, EasyBlog toolbar, WebP image support, Sortable Thumbnails, Mobile Friendly Showcase Layouts, and many more.

Though EasyBlog 5.3 is currently in RC, it's still intended only for testing purposes, and it should only be installed on your development or staging site. All EasyBlog active subscribers are welcome to join us in the bug elimination quest! 

Don't forget to submit your reports and feedback on our dedicated forum section with the button below. That way, it will be much easier and convenient for our developers and support team to address and keep track on the issue effectively. Happy testing folks!

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