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Introducing EasyBlog 5.3

Introducing EasyBlog 5.3

While the team is still in the midst of prepping up EasySocial 3.1, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the features of the upcoming EasyBlog 5.3.

UIkit Theme

EasyBlog 5.3 with UIkit & YOOtheme Pro

In addition to the themes that you already have in EasyBlog, we have now added a new UIkit theme that will work out of the box with any template clubs utilizing UIkit template framework. Because the template is compatible with UIkit, it will also work out of the box with YOOtheme Pro page builder too!

All you have to do is select UIkit from the themes tab, the design and layout will then adapt perfectly. 

OpenStreetMap Location Services

OpenStreetMap settings

We have also added a brand new location service provider, OpenStreetMap that allows author to add location to their blog posts. Apart from OpenStreetMap being an ODbL (Open Database License) licensed that free-to-use, it's also an editable map that's contributed by the community. 

Amazon S3

Remote storage: Amazon S3

The media manager now supports Amazon S3 as a new storage location. This would allow site admins to upload their files in the new location but more importantly help to reduce media storage space for the site. 

Image Optimizer

Image optimizer for EasyBlog 5.3

We realized that optimizing image is as important as the quality of the image itself. After all, smaller image usually resulted in faster loading sites. We understand that hosting companies would never allow you to run image optimization as this would definitely lead into over-usage of computing power.

Therefore, we decided to introduce a new image optimization service at a much affordable price without sacrificing its performance. With the image optimization service in place, it would shave off unnecessary white spaces and comments while retaining the image quality.

​Basic Pro Developer
​3,000 images ​12,000 images ​60,000

Image Comparison Block

Image Comparison Block

EasyBlog 5.3 introduces 
image comparison block, where it allow authors to place 2 images side by side for their readers to observe and compare 2 images effortlessly.

WebP Image Support

As we are heading towards a more sophisticated generation and in constant need of rendering sites at the "speed of light". We also believe that EasyBlog should keep up with technologies that helps site owner to run a blazing fast site. With EasyBlog 5.3, we are happy to announce that WebP image is now supported, only with the exemption that your site runs on at least PHP 7.1.0.

Multiple Categories Restriction

Option to disable multiple categories in EasyBlog 5.3

With EasyBlog 5.3, site admin may now disabled multiple categories support in the settings conveniently. 

EasyBlog Toolbar Module

Place EasyBlog toolbar anywhere on the site

We have also added a new toolbar module which allows site admin to place the toolbar anywhere on their site should they wish to. ?

Publish Confirmation

10 seconds timer before the blog is published

With EasyBlog 5.3, we also added a new feature to allow publishing confirmation. This would be extremely helpful for those with little butter fingers that could have accidentally clicked on the publish button unintentionally. ?

Custom Ordering in Single Category Menu

Post ordering for single category layout

With EasyBlog 5.3, site admin may now configure posts ordering in their menu item for single category layout.

Auto Archiving

Schedule your blogs archiving with EasyBlog 5.3

You may now configure the system to archive blog posts automatically based on a certain time frame. All you have to do is setup your cronjob and it will automate the entire process.

Custom Fields Ordering

Rearrange your custom fields in EasyBlog 5.3

With EasyBlog 5.3, you may now re-order the custom fields from the backend. With the new ordering feature, this will help you to organize these custom fields that appears on the composer and published posts.

Favorite Posts Layout

Favorite post layout in menu item

​In EasyBlog 5.3, you may now also create menu item that links to the favorite posts layout so your users can easily access their favorite posts. 

Container Block

New container block on the built-in composer

With the new container block introduced in this release, you can now group up blocks together within the container block. This would then allow you to define a custom class to wrap the rest of your blocks.

Editor Based on Author

Along with EasyBlog 5.3, authors are no longer forced to use the default editor configured on the site. They can now pick their very own preferred editor from their profile settings.  

Sendy Block

Sendy block in EasyBlog 5.3

You can now include a subscribe to Sendy block on any of your blog posts. This would allow your readers to subscribe to your mailing list directly on the blog posts. 

Additional Latest Layout

Card layout for frontpage

With the latest layout in EasyBlog 5.3, we have also added a new layout. This allows you to switch between a card based design and the standard layout design.

Grid View for Single Category & Author

Grid view for categories and authors

​Apart from the card layout mentioned earlier, you can now enable grid view for single categories and authors too. 

That's all folks!

That is just some of all the updates in EasyBlog 5.3 that I have for you for the time being. There are quite a number of minor tweaks and changes in EasyBlog 5.3 that will blow your mind away. ? 

Stay tuned for more awesome news coming your way! 

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