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EasyBlog 5.1 Stable Is Now Available

EasyBlog 5.1 Stable Is Now Available

It looks like EasyBlog 5.1.2 was one the fastest ever release in Stack Ideas history. I'm really honored to be sharing with you today that EasyBlog 5.1.2 stable is now available.

For the benefit of those who weren't familiar with EasyBlog, let me bring you through some of its key features which were mostly highlighted by Mark previously and you could read about it here


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Support

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a very accessible framework for creating fast-loading mobile pages. This open-source initiative is designed to enable publisher to easily improve the page speed at the same time the overall user experience while reading or browsing through their mobile devices.

EasyBlog 5.1 AMP support will not hinder publishers from the boundaries of SEO. We truly believe that AMP is the the next big thing for content publisher to share their work in particularly on mobile devices and consequently increasing and prioritizing your SERP ranking with minimal effort. 


Simplified Media Manager

The new and simplified media manager is blazing fast speed, has much leaner UI, and not to mention that you could also opt for caption images, single or multiple images uploads, hassle-free image galleries uploads and many more. 


Mobile Blogging 

Do you know that the mobile traffic owns nearly a quarter of web traffic share, surely you have already noticed this uprising trend. With that in mind, the new and improved mobile layout enables author to compose articles seamlessly on their handheld devices.

Needless to say that the media manager on mobile devices were also heavily twerked as well, therefore adding images to your post now would be a breeze. 


All New Composer

EasyBlog 5.1 brand new composer would block out and minimize distractions, giving authors more freedom in their work area. The new composer not only comes with a wider viewport but also filled with power packed abilities such as quick duplicate, moveable blocks or deleting block items without needing to click on the toolbar to do so.

The composer's toolbar now also renders a dropdown which improves the overall user experience, straightforward action buttons, post cover captions, better control over post revisions and last but not least the ability to feature a post without needing to configure it from a different settings area. 


Post Reactions

This built-in smart reaction system will definitely boost up the fun element in comparison with the plain and boring comments. You might have already noticed that this is pretty similar to "Facebook Reactions" which is currently pretty established there. In fact, EasyBlog post reaction could an extension of "Likes" and with it's smart reactions ability to learn and suggest appropriate articles available on your site to the intended audience.




Embeddable Blocks

This nifty and cool feature enables you to embed different blocks such as Facebook post, PDF file viewer and modular block to be added within your post. The created content will be more enriched and broader scope of information could be easily shared across to your audience. 


Brand New Layouts

We would like to introduce the all-new Magazine and Grid layout for EasyBlog 5.1. These new layouts will be provide readers to easily navigate through your blogs and looking aesthetically more appealing as well. On top of that, site administrators are able to determine which post (whether a specific category, latest post or single post) to appear on the respective layouts.   


Improved Dashboard

Beside having the UX reworked and improvised, the new dashboard for EasyBlog 5.1 is now easily accessible with the layout being standardized across the dashboard area.  


OneSignal Integration

This integration with OneSignal enables you to quickly send notifications to your subscribers directly to their web browser whenever a new article being published on your site. This is to ensure that your readers do not miss out on any important blogs, announcements, events or circular notices needed to be address through your blogs, that way information can be disseminate more effectively.


Enhanced Administration Area

As content creators, simplistic workflow is something which i personally would appreciate. EasyBlog 5.1, you will see tons of improvement done at the administration area with less cluttered and complicated settings. On top of that, you can now modify template files and email templates without accessing your FTP. The new email template works pretty similar to Komento email editor, also you could now add or view the email descriptions as well. 



Post Revisions

Site moderators can now limit the number of revisions history stored, this is one of the most frequently requested feature from our users. We believe redundancy is the ultimate downfall in anything, therefore the team managed to get it all sorted out, whether keeping or switching in between revisions back and forth works efficiently now.  


Tiny Yet Mighty

Having said all those amazing updates, the team has also twerked and minified EasyBlog source code to be lean yet powerful. For instance, by default the jQuery will be inherited from Joomla and a hefty amount of optimization were added to ensure speedy performance without sacrificing any of its features. To add the icing on the top, EasyBlog 5.1.2 launcher is now only 214KB as compared to 1.1MB for EasyBlog 5.0.44 version. In other words, it is over 900KB reduced in size, what an achievement for the team! 


Upgrading From EasyBlog 3.9 or 5.0?

We have created a documentation that you are able to follow to upgrade your installation of EasyBlog. Be sure to read the per-requisites first.


Thank you for your continuous support! 

A big thank you to each and every of our amazing testers who contributed. To celebrate the release of EasyBlog 5.1.2, we decided to offer an additional 3 months subscription for free for every EasyBlog license renewal as well as a FREE Komento subscription for every EasyBlog purchases for the next 3 days


*P/S: This require manual activation, kindly post a ticket at our Helpdesk along with your order reference so we can get your account updated accordingly. 

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Hi Guys, this looks great. Where do I find the new layouts? I have looked under EB “layout” and “themes but did not see them. But then again maybe I am blind? What layout are you using for the Blog here on the SI Site? thanks Paul

Thank you Paul! The new layouts can be achieved by creating a menu item on the site

thanks for this, best Paul

Hey guys, can I get a discount for my renewal?

Hello Robert,

Could you write to us at https://stackideas.com/contact ?

Nice work! How am i able to use these layouts?

The new layouts can be achieved by creating a menu item on the site

You have me curious... Will OneSignal integration be coming to other components, too?

Yes sir. We love OneSignal and we're going to place it wherever we can

WOW! Thats great! Can't wait to test it.

Guys, please add markdown support. Can't live without it.

Thank you Parvez! If you need markdown editing, I believe there is already 3rd party editors like https://extensions.joomla.org/extension/ace-x-markdown-editor/ which does an amazing job.

You could just configure EasyBlog to use this editor and you get markdown editing

In terms of the importer is there any ability beyond RSS at this stage to import json file of blog posts into a category etc? I am just seeing if the importing of blogs from another site has gotten any love here as I would love to have a better import other than just a list of links. Thanks

Hello James,

Not currently as the feed importer is mainly only importing from RSS feeds. Are there any sites that generates json files for their posts?

Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Mark Mark

Hello Guys.

Congrats for this improvement!

I will like to know how can i set the site to be compatible with AMP, and how can i enable the reactions feature?

Thanks a lot!

Thank you Fabian AMP is activated by default, you don't need to do anything else. You could view the source of your post page and see the AMP tag added to the head of the page.

As for reactions, you could enable this under Settings > General

sirs - you made joomla blogging great again!!
ps: please put the feelbacks to all your components!!!

Thank you for the kind compliment Elias! Yes, this is something that we always do

Ask a quick question about (AMP) support. Where can I activate it?

Best greetings from Germany

It is already activated by default. If you view the source of your entry page, it contains a link to the AMP link.

Wow great news. I've already updated. Only thing is I've noticed that the font size of the text of all my posts is now noticeably smaller. I can go into each post and increase the size but is there an easier way rather than having to update each one manually? They all seem to be set to font size 13 now.

Hello Shane,

Hm, we never actually set a font size for the blog's content. They are inherited from your Joomla template. It has always been this way since 5.0.

Perhaps if you could start a ticket at https://stackideas.com/forums and we'll look into this?

The reduced text size has only happened with the change to EB5.1

If it helps I used the following in the template custom.css to adjust the text:

div#eb .ebd-block[data-type='text'] {
    font-size: 16px;

and for the Date, Hits etc at top of the blog posts:

div#eb .text-muted {
    font-size: 16px;

Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Richard Richard


Hm, you shouldn't be needing to do that at all. EasyBlog will inherit the font size that was defined by your template automatically.

Perhaps if you could start a new ticket on our forums, we'll look into it.


btw, is there a possibility to have http://domain.com/username without the need to use ES in this update?

Hm, unfortunately that wouldn't be possible without the help of EasySocial

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