Brand New Look For StackIdeas

Brand New Look For StackIdeas

We have just revamped the entire look and feel of the site and we are pleased to present you with our new site. It has been bothering us for quite a while now, as the site is starting to show it's age but due to time constraints we weren't able to update it. 

Since we had to also update the product page of EasyBlog to adapt to the look and feel of EasyBlog 5.1, we decided to take this opportunity to update our site. 

All in all, we managed to pulled through it and I am absolutely excited about this! The team, especially the designers, worked tirelessly for the past 2 weeks concurrently with the development of EasyBlog 5.1. Aside from its aesthetic appearance, user interfaces, we have also updated our navigation quite drastically. ​

So, what do you think of the new site? Leave your comments below. 


Comments (12)

  1. peiyouliao

Excellent job, cheers!

  1. Mark    peiyouliao

Thank you!

  1. Philippe

Your site is on the same level as your products, excellent !

  1. Mark    Philippe

Thank you Philippe! This will certainly motivate the team!

  1. Jean

Simple and very nice... Love it

  1. Mark    Jean

Thank you Jean, appreciate it!

  1. Sinair P. Junior

It was very light, simple and straight to the point!

  1. Mark    Sinair P. Junior

Thank you Sinair, appreciate it very much!

  1. David Montoya

The new layout is sexy; thanks for the refresh!

  1. Mark    David Montoya

Thank you David!


The new style is really elegant, powerful, simplicity and professional look.
I love it

  1. Mark    Monthon Kooyathbenjarong

Thank you =)))

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