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EasySocial 4.0 Beta 3

EasySocial 4.0 Beta 3

Another week, another beta! We have just released an update for EasySocial to address some of the issues encountered from the previous release as well as other major improvements on the overall user experience. Apart from that, we have also added new additions based on the feedback we have received from you! Read on to learn more.

PHP 8.0 Compatibility

PHP 8.0 Compatibility

Our goal is to ensure that our codebase is supported by most PHP versions. Since the release of PHP 8.0, many site owners are starting to upgrade to PHP 8.0. This is also why EasySocial 4.0 is now compatible with PHP 8.0.

New Online Indicators

New Online Indicators

We have also redesigned the online indicators as we needed to prepare the online indicators for the upcoming EasySocial Mobile App v4. With the new online indicators, it will now also display the user's online status when they are logged in from their mobile app.

Group & Page Verification

When we initially launched the user verification badge in v2.0, it seems to be one of the features that are widely used by most of our customers. We have now brought the same verification badge into Groups and Pages.

This feature is a collaboration effort with James.

Username Change Limit

Limit Username Changes

In this beta, we have also added new settings to limit the username changes. When it is enabled, user can only change their username within a specific range of days defined in the settings. This will prevent users from changing their usernames daily.

New Leaderboard Layout

Leader Board

The new leader board layout displays a nice profile picture for the current user right above the leader board. Apart from that, the leader board now also includes pagination to display more users on the ladder.

This feature is another collaboration effort with James.

Apart from the awesome new additions listed above, there are over 55+ additions and fixes in this beta release:

  • 🆕 Added new radio button custom field for Users, Groups, Pages, Events and Marketplace
  • 🆕 Added new random sorting for showcase advertisement module
  • 🆕 Added pagination for leader board section
  • 🆕 Added new option to disable notification icon in toolbar
  • 🆕 Added new settings in marketplace apps to disallow fields in the form
  • 🆕 Admin can now change a classifieds category from the back-end
  • 🆕 Added photo cover size settings for Group, Events and Pages module
  • Impressions are now counted correctly when served from advertisement module
  • Fixed issue with required auto-complete field being ignored
  • Fixed issue when duplicating profile types at the back-end when avatars are stored in Amazon S3
  • Prevent duplicate marketplace from being created on the site when user accidentally clicks on the submit button twice
  • EasySocial now supports importing first and last names using the built-in import feature
  • Fixed issue with marketplace filters not appearing correctly for mobile and desktop versions
  • Fixed scrolling issues with dropdown menu module
  • Improve performance of the leaderboard module
  • Prepare EasySocial Mobile App for EasySocial 4
  • Removed unnecessary css codes from the core css files
  • Fixed issue with incorrect name being referenced in notifications
  • Standardized borders for videos, groups, pages, events and album modules that appear on the sidebar
  • Fixed issue with embedding public vk.com videos
  • Fixed issue when viewing marketplace categories if the site has debug mode switched on
  • Fixed javascript conflicts with JCE Editor causing errors when creating groups
  • Points achievers results are now paginated
  • Fixed issue with custom fields for recurring events not being copied across when recurring events are created
  • Fixed issue with missing marketplace image when classified is being edited
  • Fixed issue with prices that contains comma
  • Addressed issue with toolbar when there are multiple toolbars on the same page
  • Smileys will now appear correctly in the e-mail notifications for conversations
  • BBCodes are now parsed in the notification previews
  • Fixed missing language string in admin information module
  • Back to marketplace link is now working correctly
  • Photos that are uploaded in a group album can now be featured
  • Fixed search engine friendly url issues with marketplace links
  • Fixed undefined variable errors when composing a new conversation
  • Fixed issue with not being able to create classifieds in a subcategory of marketplace
  • When switching a category, the category nested levels are now indented correctly to have a clearer indication of subcategories
  • Added missing content in e-mail notifications for file uploads
  • Fixed marketplace styling issues on mobile devices
  • Fixed styling of sign in with Google button as it conflicts with Pixel template
  • Fixed issue with business logo disappears after being edited
  • Fixed issue with search indexes for marketplace items
  • If marketplace is disabled, its view will no longer be accessible
  • Added visibility settings for condition field in marketplace
  • Improved user experience for date picker on mobile devices when creating events
  • Disabling marketplace in a group will now also remove the marketplace link for the group apps
  • Fixed issue with approved classifieds not generating activity stream correctly
  • Fixed issue with group member not being able to post classifieds in the group after joining the group
  • Fixed SQL errors on polls for groups and pages
  • Videos from discussions of Groups, Pages and Events will now display correctly if the contents are not truncated
  • Fixed issues with errors generated when viewing tooltips from a restricted user
  • Fixed issue with uploading default preset of profile type avatars
  • Fixed integration issues with EasySocial Mobile Template
  • Fixed issue with new autoloading mechanism
  • Added Google Sign in button on Docker Plugin
  • Fixed styling issue when mouse hovers over albums
  • Fixed possible issues with user alias generated incorrectly when user is created via Joomla User Manager

Tester Needed! 🚀

Help to test EasySocial 4.0 Beta 3 to speed up its release date! You can download and install EasySocial 4 from the links below. Remember to install it on your test / staging sites.

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