Canonical URL and EasyBlog

Canonical URL and EasyBlog

Duplicate URLs are not very 'SEO friend' and it's an annoyance for the maintenance team to fix. You can put the canon tag in each link but this would be a hassle if you're maintaining a huge sites with lots of links, categories, and whatnots.

To solve this issue, our friends at CMSPlugins have created a simple (yet effective) plugin named "Canonical URL". The plugin can, and will, save us lots of minutes and hours by fixing any duplicate URLs inside our website. Apart from that, Canonical URL can be set so that it keeps only the main URL for Google indexing. This makes it easier for you to manage your site and ensure that your SEO is optimum.

In short, Canonical URL helps you deal with unwanted URLs or query strings by adding the meta tag of the main URL. Google will then keep only the URL that you have tagged, in it's index, and your site will not be marked as spam by Googlebots.

Canonical URL supports EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss, making it the perfect tools for you to ensure that all links are SEO friendly and are not duplicated. We would also like to share a 25% discount code that is applicable to both Canonical URL and EasyBlog. The coupon code is :


This coupon code will last 7 days, so it's best if you take advantage of this and get both EasyBlog and Canonical plugin. You can get Canonical plugin here, while you can get EasyBlog here.

JEvent Plugin

It's also worth mentioning that we've pushed a plugin for your EasyDiscuss and JEvent. This JEvent plugin will help you to connect your JEvent with your EasyDiscuss; each items created in JEvent can have it's own discussion thread. Pretty neat, if you ask me. :)

The price for this is actually USD45, but just for short time, we're offering a 50% discount for this item. It's one of the most major discount that we've offer so purchase it before it's too late. The coupon code for JEvent is :


Grab it now while the 50% discounts last.

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