Paid Addons Enhance your existing Joomla site's with these powerful applications.

JEvent Plugin for EasyDiscuss

  • Requirements
  • EasyDiscuss 3.2 onwards
  • JEvents
  • Current Version
  • 1.0.0

JEvent is a great event component management. With JEvent plugin, you can manage and connect both EasyDiscuss and JEvent; events created in JEvent will automatically have it's own discussion thread in EasyDiscuss.

Each replied will sync perfectly with the events in JEvent, making your site clean and manageable.

Install JEvents Plugin and have a cool event discussion page on your site!

  • Auto-create new discussion when create new events

    Each new events will have it's own discussion in EasyDiscuss.

  • Link n' sync both replies in JEvent and EasyDiscuss

    Replies on either JEvent's event or EasyDiscuss's discussion will be sync.

EasyBlog Group Blogging Plugin for JomSocial

  • Requirements
  • EasyBlog 3.0 onwards
  • JomSocial 2.2 onwards
  • Current Version
  • 3.0.2

The other way to ensure success in creating a thriving community in JomSocial is to enable blogging for your members. This Group Blogging plugin combines EasyBlog with JomSocial Group feature, activating the convenience of blogging in groups.

Install this plugin and let each group member post blogs within JomSocial groups today!

  • Blog for JomSocial Groups

    Groups will have its own individual group blog.

  • Group ownership for articles

    Choose which JomSocial group to publish your blog articles to.

  • Group toolbar on articles

    Articles are associated to the group will sport JomSocial's group toolbar heading.

EasyBlog Event Blogging Plugin for JomSocial

  • Requirements
  • EasyBlog 3.5 onwards
  • JomSocial 2.2 onwards
  • Current Version
  • 3.5.1

How do you make your events in JomSocial more memorable? How do you encourage user participation in events that you created? Add a blog to your events, of course! With blogs generated by users, it will definitely create unique content that search engines love to index. More content means more traffic to your community as well.

This cool event blogging plugin encourages feedback amongst members participating in a JomSocial event.

  • Blog for JomSocial events

    Your events in JomSocial will have it's own blog tab to display latest blogs.

  • Instant event blogging

    Event creators can quickly post a new blog at anytime via the event menu in JomSocial events page.