Black Cyber Monday Sale for our Joomla friends!

Black Cyber Monday Sale for our Joomla friends!


Did you miss out our Thanksgiving promo that ended yesterday? No worries, we will be giving you another chance to enjoy the discounts again.

We know the season you have been waiting for is back, that is to shop, shop and shop. We are also excited about it because this is where we will be busy attending to Joomla users who are curious about our Joomla extensions and wants to get EasySocial, EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Komento at out-of-this-world offers.

This year, we are combining both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales with 30% discount storewide!

EasySocial Advanced license is now $99 $69.30. Use coupon code BLACKCYBER30.

Remember to use the coupon code BLACKCYBER30 when you purchase EasySocial, and BLACKCYBER for other products.

This promotion is valid from today till Monday, December 2, 2013 at 2359 hours (UTC+8). For any inquiries, send us a ticket.

Happy shopping!



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Get the most complete helpdesk solution for Joomla! Tickets, KB, FAQ, Glossary, Troubleshooter and lots of other functionalities including integrations with JomSocial, DigiStore, ArtOfUser, jBolo and more!

Deal discount: 25% on all products
Valid until November, 27-30


Techjoomla is behind several popular Joomla products for ECommerce, Social Networks & Donations like J!Bolo, Invitex, Quick2Cart, SocialAds,JGive to name just a few ! Visit for more information about all our exciting products.

Thanksgiving - 28th November : 25% Off Storewide on all products & Promotional Packs
Black Friday -  29th November : 35% off on Selected Products
Cyber Monday - 2nd December :  30% off on Promotional Packs



Comments (16)

  1. Mohammad Akbari

Great offer :)
I would definitely use this opportunity...

Warm regards

  1. Mark    Mohammad Akbari

Great to have you on board!

  1. Dylan Wu    Mohammad Akbari

I will try, thank you

  1. Dylan Wu    Mohammad Akbari

I will try, thank you

  1. Tom Martin

Hey Guys, coupon doesn't work? "BLACKCYBER30 is not a valid coupon."?

Edit: Ignore me, didn't see there were 2 different coupon codes. Works great, thank you!

  Comment was last edited about 5 years ago by Tom Martin Tom Martin
  1. Mark

Thanks for updating Tom :) Hope to have you on board with us!

  1. Alejandro

This coupons are valid for bundles too?

  1. Mark

Yep, everything! :)

  1. Alejandro

Great, I'm aboard with ES, EB and ED... I hope it will be a great experience...

  1. Mark

Welcome on board :)

  1. ilay

Does the 30% discount ("BLACKCYBER") includes the the bundles packages as well?


  1. Mark

Yes it does :) Storewide!

  1. Benoit Gonneville Damme

Quick noob question ! My ED subscription end in Feb 2014, if I renew now, will the new subscription start right now or at the end of the current subscription ?

Basically, should I wait to the last minute until renewing ?

Thanks, great components really !


  1. Mark

Hello Benoit,

Nope, you don't have to wait. If you renew now, your expiry would then be February 2015 :) There are quite a number of smart users who takes advantage of this and renew their subscription for the next 5 years :p

  1. Benoit Gonneville Damme

Sounds good to me ! I'm a big fan and like other says, I'm aboard ;-)


  1. Mark

Thanks Benoit :)

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