StackIdeas wishes you Happy Thanksgiving!

StackIdeas wishes you Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all fans of our Joomla extensions

It has been 4 solid years of hardwork to make web development easy for all Joomla webmasters but the journey wasn't an easy one for us. Without the trust, love and support from our fans and clients, we wouldn't be here today. We at StackIdeas know that no amount of 'thank yous' is enough to show our appreciation to all our supporters.

We are really grateful to have each of you who had helped us in any way. *bows*


In the spirit of thanksgiving, we would like to give something back to all of you who supported us. Use this coupon code THANKS30 to get 30%-off when you renew your EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss, Komento and SectionEx.

Each products comes with support licenses that is worth 12-months and if your license is expired, you can use this coupon code to enjoy 30% discount for renewing the licenses. If you have more than one or two licenses (products), you are also getting the 30% for EACH licenses with the same code.

Steps to Renew

1. Go to your Dashboard at (You will be re-directed to our Login page if you are not logged in).

2. Locate the expired license. In this screenshot, it shows that my EasyBlog Pro license is expired.

Renew StackIdeas Joomla extensions3. Click on the Renew Now button. You will be taken to the checkout page.

4. Enter the coupon code THANKS30 in the coupon code area.

Renew licenses at StackIdeas dashboard5. Pay with credit card or PayPal and more. Repeat Steps 1-5 to renew your other licenses with the same code.

6. Your licenses should be renewed for another 12-months subscription.

This coupon code is valid for 2 days only and it starts today till Thursday, November 28th, 2013 at 2359 hours (UTC+8).
If your license are about to expire, we urge you to take advantage of this offer to renew it too. You got nothing to lose. ;)



 (Thanks again, folks!)

We will continue to be here for you so long you keep supporting our work and our Joomla extensions. With your support, too, we will continue to innovate and aspire to exceed your expectations till the end of time :)



Comments (19)

  1. Monthon Kooyathbenjarong

I had renewal 2 components of this list since 2 weeks ago. :(

  1. Andrew

What about a nice 50% Black Friday Special on EasySocial? like this:

Just a thought....

  1. Gagan Modi

+1 to Andrew !!

  1. arathra

Not being American, Thanksgiving when turkeys are slaughtered wholesale after being kept in miserable conditions is not really my kind of celebration.

How about celebrating your own birthday? Stackideas produces fantastic components and the support is excellent - so how about we celebrate you rather than some very dodgy tradition?

  1. Mark

Thanks for the feedback guys :)

  1. Seth Pfaehler

+1 Andrew!

If there was a discount on a new subscription as well, I would purchase now!

  1. Aleksandr

What does "Happy Thanksgiving!" mean?

  1. Aleksandr

Oh, but I thought these guys from Malaysia.

  1. Mark

Hence, if you read the title it says Wishing "You" :p Not Wishing "Ourselves" :)

  1. Aleksandr    Mark

Ah, proposal was for Americans and Canadians, now I understand.

  1. Justin    Aleksandr

Our Thanksgiving in Canada is a few weeks before the US, but the sales are still a perk!

  1. Jeremey Cairns

None of my subscriptions need renewing but I would like to start a new one with another of your product where is the incentive for that

Looking forward to seeing something soon:):):):)

  1. Jannik L.

I was actually hoping for you to repeat the 40% storewide cyber monday deal from last year, as I want to buy the PayPlans + EasyDiscuss + EasyBlog bundle. Hint hint ^^

  1. Tom Martin

+1 to all the calls for Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale please :) You'll get at least 3 sales from me if there is a good deal going (40% would be awesome).

  1. Ferlin Mogot

my plan expired in May 2014, can I renew now using this coupon? :)

  1. Mark

Yes, it will still work even if your license expires on 2016 :)

  1. Gagan Modi

There are discounts going to tune of 50% - 70% on Web Hosting
Hosting Deals

Can we see similar discounts from Stackideas - so that can renew the subscription !!

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