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Plans & Add-ons

PayPlans can fit in right out of the box with our robust system. Create plans and add-ons on the site with ease.

Manage diverse range of subscriptions and memberships.

With the robust plan & add-ons system in PayPlans, we believe that PayPlans will be able to fit in all of your use cases.
Plan Groups
When you have a wide range of plans, grouping similar plans together will help customers find what they need easily.
PayPlans Group Plans Screenshot
Define simple upgrade rules for all your plans. With the upgrade rules, you can determine which plans are upgrade-able.
PayPlans Plan Upgrades Screenshot
One of the most important aspect of any business is to retain customers.

With the renewal system in PayPlans, renewal can be setup easily by creating simple renewal rules.
PayPlans Plan Renewals Screenshot
Dynamic Modifiers
Alter prices offered by plans without affecting its original price on the plan.

Create multiple prices for single plans easily with dynamic modifiers.
PayPlans Dynamic Modifier Screenshot
Plan Add-ons
On top of what plans has to offer in PayPlans, you can also take advantage of add-ons in PayPlans.

It allows customers to add additional add-ons to the plan that they are trying to purchase.
PayPlans Plan Add-ons Screenshot
Advance Pricing
With advance pricing, you can set different pricess for different intervals derived from a single plan.
PayPlans Advance Pricing Screenshot

Start selling with PayPlans today

Create, sell and manage subscriptions with one stop solution for any e-Commerce site in Joomla. Backed by our awesome support & 30-days money back guarantee in case it does not work.
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